Jeffrey J. Downey, P.C. Championing Victims of Medical Malpractice in Virginia

June 24 22:36 2024
The legal scene in Virginia is defined by the exceptional skill and commitment of The Law Office of Jeffrey J. Downey, P.C. Specializing in personal injury cases, especially within nursing home and medical malpractice realms, the firm serves as a steadfast advocate for individuals who have endured harm due to negligence or wrongful actions within our healthcare system. The firm extends its services to handle medical malpractice cases across Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C.

For more than thirty years, Jeffrey J. Downey has been a leading figure in legal advocacy, utilizing his vast experience to achieve landmark verdicts and set significant legal precedents. Beginning his career as a defense attorney representing insurance companies, Attorney Downey possesses unique insight into the strategies employed in these cases. This background informs his approach as he advocates for clients, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of both sides of the legal spectrum.

What distinguishes this firm is its meticulous approach to selecting cases, deliberately maintaining a limited caseload annually to provide personalized attention to every client. Mr. Downey’s direct engagement in each case underscores his dedication to delivering justice and enhancing the prospects of success for his clients. Notably, client reviews attest to the effectiveness of his strategies and the satisfaction of those he represents. You can explore testimonials showcasing the firm’s track record through the following link: Client Testimonials

A spokesperson from The Law Office of Jeffrey J. Downey, P.C. emphasized the firm’s unique philosophy in response to inquiries about their services. “Our commitment lies in prioritizing quality over quantity. Through careful case selection, we dedicate our undivided attention to each client, providing tailored legal strategies and steadfast support at every step of the legal journey. Our extensive record of successful verdicts serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication to securing favorable outcomes for those we advocate for. For a detailed overview of the firm’s successful case results, interested parties can visit the following link: Case Results

For those in need of legal representation in medical malpractice cases, reaching out to the office is advised for a complimentary initial consultation. Prospective clients will have the opportunity to consult with a seasoned malpractice attorney with over three decades of experience in handling such claims.

Notably, Mr. Downey’s career began with defending such claims for insurance companies, providing invaluable insight now utilized in assisting victims of medical malpractice in pursuing claims against healthcare providers for negligence. When selecting legal representation, it is crucial to distinguish between effective marketing and genuine trial experience, as this choice significantly impacts case outcomes.

Following an NBC News report, Laurie Kanyok, one of many victims of gynecologist Robert Hadden’s assaults, sparked an investigation after her 2012 report. In 2016, Hadden admitted guilt to criminal conduct and forcible touching, relinquishing his license but avoiding jail time.

In 2020, federal charges resulted in a 20-year prison term for his patient abuse. Despite previous grievances, Columbia University settled with over 200 victims for over $200 million. University officials issued apologies, pledging reforms and inquiries. Survivors like Dian Monson and Eva Santos expressed frustration at the dismissive responses to their complaints. Columbia University is striving to restore trust through compensation, safety assessments, and external investigations.

Malpractice attorney Jeffrey J. Downey sheds light on the unfortunate reality of physical abuse cases within the healthcare system. He stated, “When physical abuse does occur in the health care setting, the victims are often told they have misconstrued the interaction. That is exactly what happened in the reported physical abuse case involving this New York Gynecologist and it also explains why he had so many victims. It also seemed that the state prosecutor did not take the complaints as seriously as the Feds.

“Patients pursuing physical abuse cases need to understand that it can be a difficult process that typically begins with a successful criminal prosecution. If you believe you have been a victim of physical assault or misconduct, your first step should be to contact the police. In the health care setting you can also file a complaint with the licensing agency overseeing that healthcare provider.”

About The Law Office of Jeffrey J. Downey, P.C.

Want to contact a Virginia medical malpractice attorney? At the heart of The Law Office of Jeffrey J. Downey, P.C. lies a fervent dedication to justice and an unwavering pledge to prioritize client needs. Whether confronting cases of nursing home abuse, medical malpractice, or False Claims Act violations, clients can rely on Mr. Downey’s profound expertise and relentless advocacy. In Fairfax, Virginia, the pursuit of justice finds its champion in Jeffrey J. Downey, P.C.

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