Explanation of SPCC cold rolled steel grades

June 24 03:12 2024

1 name definition

SPCC was originally the Japanese standard (JIS) “general use of cold rolled carbon steel sheet and strip” steel name, now many countries or enterprises directly used to indicate their own production of similar steel. Note: similar grades are SPCD (cold-rolled carbon steel sheet and strip for stamping), SPCE (cold-rolled carbon steel sheet and strip for deep drawing), SPCCKSPCCCE, etc. (special steel for TV sets), SPCC4DSPCC8D, etc. (hard steel, used for bicycle rims, etc.), respectively, for different occasions.

2 Components

Japanese steel (JIS series) in the grade of ordinary structural steel mainly consists of three parts of the first part of the material, such as: S (Steel) that the steel, F (Ferrum) that the iron; the second part of the different shapes, types, and uses, such as P (Plate) that the plate, T (Tube) that the tube, K (Kogu) that the tool; the third part of the characteristics of the number, generally the minimum tensile strength. Generally the minimum tensile strength. Such as: SS400 – the first S said steel (Steel), the second S said “structure” (Structure), 400 for the lower limit of tensile strength of 400MPa, the overall tensile strength of 400MPa for the general Structural steel with a tensile strength of 400MPa.

Supplementary: SPCC – cold rolled carbon steel sheet and strip for general use, equivalent to China Q195-215A grade. The third letter C is an abbreviation for cold Cold. Need to ensure that the tensile test, in the end of the grade plus T for SPCCT.

3 steel classification

Japan’s cold rolled carbon steel plate applicable grades: SPCC, SPCD, SPCE symbols: S – steel (Steel), P – plate (Plate), C – cold rolled (cold), the fourth C – common (common), D – stamping grade (Draw), E – deep drawing grade (Elongation)

Heat treatment status: A-Annealed, S-Annealed + Flat, 8-(1/8) hard, 4-(1/4) hard, 2-(1/2) hard, 1-hard.

Drawing performance level: ZF- for punching parts with the most complex drawing, HF- for punching parts with very complex drawing, F- for punching parts with complex drawing.

Surface Finishing Status: D – Dull (rolls processed by grinding machine and then shot peened), B – Bright Surface (rolls processed by grinding machine).

Surface quality: FC-advanced finishing surface, FB-higher finishing surface. Condition, surface finish condition, surface quality designation, drawing grade (for SPCE only), product specification and size, profile accuracy (thickness and/or width, length, unevenness).

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