EarthSoft – 30 Years of Revolutionizing Environmental and Geotechnical Data Management

May 30 18:18 2024
EQuIS Innovation Continues with Licensees in Over 60 Countries

EarthSoft, Inc., a global leader in environmental and geotechnical data management systems and decision support software, celebrates three decades of continuous operations and innovation with its flagship EQuIS software. EarthSoft is operating in the US, Canada, Australia, Manila, and elsewhere.

EarthSoft has been continuously innovating around its EQuIS software since 1994, spearheading a technical data management revolution with a series of EQuIS software modules integrating environmental project data collection, verification, visualization, analysis, and reporting.  EQuIS today provides much more than environmental database functionality and offers an integrated set of modules implementing seamless automated environmental and geotechnical data management and workflows. 

EarthSoft has innovated on Microsoft and Esri platforms, which have changed significantly through the years, and was recently recognized as an Esri Cornerstone Partner. EQuIS is now used by a large number of government agencies, industrial clients, and consultants. Some consultants list EQuIS as one of the Top 25 technical applications supported across the firm. EarthSoft is listed on a US Federal GSA Contract and a State of California vendor contract. 

EQuIS is not only used by multiple state agencies in the US, additionally the agencies train laboratories and field data collection subcontractors on EQuIS modules. 

EarthSoft remains committed to advancing environmental stewardship through cutting-edge technology, robust data management capabilities, and its Date Governance Initiative. EQuIS is a top-tier industry solution for many of the world’s largest consultants and is continuing to meet clients’ evolving needs and deliver exceptional value.

EarthSoft CEO Mitch Beard commented, “EarthSoft has focused exclusively on environmental data management innovation for 30 years! While this anniversary is a tremendous accomplishment, EarthSoft has broadened the EQuIS product line and continues developing new data management solutions in response to our clients’ growing and evolving data requirements.”

EarthSof’s most recent innovation, EQuIS Geotech, is a future-ready solution that leverages powerful enterprise data management and advanced software tools for comprehensive geotechnical, geo-environmental, and environmental data management. EarthSoft clients see the value in managing geotechnical and environmental data in a single system. EQuIS Geotech supports DIGGS and AGS4 file formats, handling complex geotechnical data including soils, rock, and materials testing data.

EarthSoft remains committed to providing robust and value-driven solutions in environmental and geotechnical data management. EQuIS innovation continues with future enhancements in several key areas:

–  Knowledge Management: Empower users with comprehensive knowledge management tools to facilitate efficient data organization, retrieval, and utilization, enabling informed decision-making.

–  Storytelling Layout: Allowing users to weave compelling narratives from their environmental and geotechnical data with dynamic and intuitive layout. Visualizations and reports will seamlessly come together, enhancing communication, and understanding for all stakeholders.

–  Natural Language Search: Employ natural language processing, offering a user-friendly search experience making data exploration effortless and efficient.

EarthSoft founders, Mitch, Janet, and Scot, remain involved in all activities and serve on the Board of Directors. Their values and culture have survived and thrived and EarthSoft continues to grow. Their legacy of data, determination, dedication, and focus.

Join the team in celebrating 30 years of EarthSoft and EQuIS!

EarthSoft thanks their amazing clients, partners, and staff. These relationships help them constantly innovate and pace their industry’s changing and growing data requirements.

About EarthSoft:

EarthSoft is a recognized worldwide leader in providing environmental and geotechnical data management systems and support. For 30 years, governments, industries, laboratories, and consultants have trusted EarthSoft and EQuIS to manage and protect their data assets for data-driven decision-making.

For further information about EQuIS, please visit or write [email protected].

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