Creative Biolabs Extends the Range of NHP Bioproducts Within Its Biobank

April 16 16:12 2024
Last month, Creative Biolabs reorganized its existing resources and updated its non-human primate (NHP) biological products platform, which was officially launched just last week.

New York, USA – April 16, 2024 – “We provide a comprehensive update of the classification of NHP species and bioproducts on the platform to provide researchers with clear solutions,” according to a scientist from the NHP Biobank Department at Creative Biolabs.

Creative Biolabs stands as a dedicated ally to researchers, systematically aiding them in the development of a diverse range of NHP biological products. These encompass biofluids, cells, and tissues sourced from species such as Cynomolgus monkeys, Rhesus macaques, and African green monkeys, intended for employment in preclinical toxicology and efficacy studies within the pharmaceutical sector.

“The inquiries we’re observing gravitate towards our flagship products,” the scientist added. “Our updated biobank features biological products derived from cynomolgus monkeys, notably cyno plasma and cyno serum.”

Besides, a wide range of products for almost every NHP species caters to the diverse experimental needs of researchers worldwide. Also, the adept team at Creative Biolabs further offers tailored solutions subsequent to thorough consultations with clients.

Given their close similarities to humans, non-human primates assume a pivotal role in drug development endeavors. Creative Biolabs diligently accumulates a wealth of primate biological samples to facilitate the advancement of methodologies pertinent to drugs, APIs, and formulations.

This inclusive biobank furnishes bioproducts tailored for addressing metabolic diseases, central nervous system disorders, and cardiovascular ailments, with the objective of fostering multiple therapeutic avenues or facilitating customized detection methods.

“Products targeting drug development or testing for CNS disorders within the biobank include African green monkey cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), cynomolgus monkey CSF, and Rhesus monkey CSF.”

Moreover, the inherent likeness between Cynomolgus monkeys and humans also extends to cellular products suitable for neuroscience and disease research.

Cynomolgus PBMCs isolated from blood serve as testing tools. To ensure experimental standards, we guarantee the absence of bacteria, yeast, fungi, and mycoplasma in these cellular products.”

By offering an ample inventory of monkey sample resources to support drug development and validation needs, Creative Biolabs invites researchers, scientists, and pharmaceutical experts to explore its comprehensive services within the NHP biobank.

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Creative Biolabs delivers high-quality NHP products characterized by large inventory and rapid turnaround times. Its biobank, coupled with first-class technology and experienced experimental experts, offers a diverse array of bioproducts sourced from monkeys for drug researchers to choose from.

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