Emotional Intelligence Experts Daniel and Nini Tolson Launch AI Sales Systems for Australian Small Businesses at Dale Beaumont Business Blueprint.

April 16 15:45 2024
Tolson stated that “Mind Report, the YES TEST!, and our alignment with Dale Beaumont’s Business Blueprint will drive sales and revenue for Australian small businesses.”
Daniel Tolson and Nini Tolson, leaders in Artificial Intelligence, have partnered with Dale Beaumont. The partnership brings together Australia’s best business growth experts to provide training to business leaders at the Business Blueprint International Conference in Cebu with new innovative AI tools like YES TEST™ and MIND REPORT. YES TEST™ is the #1 Business Test that shows how to increase sales and get customers to say YES!, while MIND REPORT boosts leaders’ confidence and EQ in 90 seconds.


Australian business leaders, Daniel Tolson and Nini Tolson, founders of The Tolson Institute, have aligned with Dale Beaumont, the founder of Business Blueprint. This partnership empowers Australian small businesses with innovative Artificial Intelligence tools and strategies for business growth.

This collaboration involves the integration of two powerful innovations – the YES TEST™ and MIND REPORT. The YES TEST™ is the world’s first 5-minute business test that can analyze any brand globally and uncover the emotional strategies that are essential for driving sales growth and increasing revenue. It took seven years to develop this technology, and its algorithms are based on the most successful advertising formulas in history. The YES TEST™ recognizes that human emotions, not logic, are the driving force behind purchasing decisions.

Complementing this is MIND REPORT, a revolutionary vocal biomarker technology offering leaders a scientific roadmap to rapidly boost confidence levels. Within just 90 seconds, MIND REPORT delves into emotional intelligence, unveiling personality strengths and providing actionable insights for positive transformation. Backed by four decades of data, it stands as one of the most advanced tools for enhancing emotional intelligence in the realm of business success today.

Nini Tolson expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “Our collaboration with Dale and Business Blueprint signifies a new era for Australian businesses. With our expertise in Artificial Intelligence and leadership coupled with Dale’s track record of fostering business growth, we are set to propel Australian businesses into the stratosphere.” Having impacted over 50,000 individuals and guided over 2,500 businesses across diverse sectors, Dale Beaumont boasts a formidable legacy in driving success. Similarly, The Tolson Institute’s decade-long dedication has enriched over 25,000 global leaders.

Together, their combined expertise promises to equip Australian businesses with the tools needed to achieve exponential growth within a condensed time frame. Furthermore, Daniel Tolson will be providing Business Blueprint conference attendees with exclusive access to the innovative training session titled “How to Use AI and EQ to Trigger a Buying Frenzy.” In this session, using the YES! TEST, The #1 Business Test that shows how to increase sales and get customers to say YES!, Daniel will unveil the 15 emotions that have historically triggered buying frenzies, along with simple yet powerful strategies to leverage AI and emotional intelligence for skyrocketing sales results.

Among other esteemed guest speakers at the Business Blueprint International Conference are Lisa McInnes-Smith, Daimien Patterson, Dave Carney, Luke Taylor, Adam Houlahan, Heather Porter, Debra Chantry-Taylor, and Tyrone Hyde.


Nini Tolson is going to introduce the MIND REPORT technology in Cebu. The technology will be presented in an innovative training event called “Absolute Attraction: How to attract a better future fast.” The attendees will get a chance to experience the power of this groundbreaking tool. In the event, the attendees will record their voice for 90 seconds. Advanced vocal biomarking technology will then identify the brainwave frequencies in their voice and an algorithm will identify their personality strengths, characteristics, and inner potential.

Dr. Hans van Moosel, Founder of MIND REPORT, emphasized the technology’s robust foundation, stating, “The technology was developed based on studies in Physics, Quantum Physics, Biochemistry, Epigenetics, Psychology, and other research fields from different universities all around the world.” The Business Blueprint International Conference is happening soon in Cebu, Philippines. This event is going to be a significant milestone where the world will witness the transformative potential of various innovations. It will showcase a new era of business excellence and prosperity to a global audience.

To learn more about Daniel and Nini Tolson, please visit: https://danieltolson.com 

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