AstroPaws Launches Revolutionary Pet Insurance and Wellness App for Fur Families

April 03 17:03 2024
Revolutionary pet insurance and mobile app startup AstroPaws is heating the pet healthcare and wellness space. The company encompasses top-rated insurance plans with a free, innovative mobile app, ensuring easy and fun management of a pet’s life. Over 2500 happy paws benefit from its user-friendly features, making pet care effortless and enjoyable.

Today marks a pivotal moment in pet care with AstroPaws unveiling its comprehensive pet insurance and mobile application. A launch is redefining the standards of pet health management and social engagement, catering to over 2500 happy paws and counting. Resting on the happiness and well-being of the pets and their owners, AstroPaws is making its way to better modern care solutions.

AstroPaws is uniquely partnering with Prudent Pet Insurance to bring pet owners the number one rated pet insurance company, acclaimed for super-fast claims processing and a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. This strategic alliance ensures pet parents access to the best care and peace of mind.

Beyond insurance, AstroPaws dazzles with its free mobile app, a masterpiece of design and functionality aimed at simplifying pet management. From generating training tips to chatting with friends and planning social playdates, the app is a comprehensive toolkit for the modern pet parent. Through their partnership with Prudent they also offer an innovative feature – a 24/7 vet chat, making professional advice accessible anytime, underscoring AstroPaws’ commitment to the health and happiness of pets.

“At AstroPaws, we don’t look at ourselves as an insurance company; we’re building a whole brand around this notion that every pet is a star,” said Beau Grzanich, Co-founder and Chief Treat Officer. “Our application and insurance plans have been curated for and guarantee the furry loved ones lead a long, healthy, and happy life, filled with love and fun.”

Two friends, linked with a love for pets and technology, started AstroPaws in 2020. Imminent to them was that technology could make a difference in caring for pets with technological solutions to make the management much less of a problem, acquiring insurance for a safety net. AstroPaws has become a beloved name among pet parents in just a few years. It is known for its user-friendly app, exceptional insurance offerings, and a community of happy pets and satisfied owners.

“I liked the coverage options; they were easy to work with. I had a question, so I called the number. I expected to get a recording or a call center with someone I could hardly understand. But to my surprise, I got right through, and I got a very easy-to-understand, knowledgeable, and helpful person who helped me quickly. I loved that.” – Susan M.

About AstroPaws:

AstroPaws is at the forefront of revolutionizing pet care with its innovative app and comprehensive pet insurance. With a strong foundation of love for pets and a mission to make the acquisition and care of pets an easily attainable objective, the company seeks to be a full-service helper to pet parents in all areas that will guarantee the health and welfare of pets. Driven by beautiful technology, usability, and a customer-first approach, AstroPaws is deeply committed to helping pets live fuller lives with their families.

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