Isabel Quintero and Gonzalo Córdova Introduce “la Osa Menor” as Quintero-córdova Music Duo

February 12 15:33 2024
Isabel Quintero is a Chicago actress with a wealth of experience in radio, theater, television, and film. She is also a singer who made “La Osa Menor” with the famous musician Gonzalo Córdova.

Isabel Quintero is among the most prolific American actresses, boasting a track record spanning decades in film, theater, and TV comedies, dramas, classics, and adaptations of iconic hits. 

As a lover of art in all shapes and forms, Isabel was drawn to performing at a very early age. She began singing in a Colombian folk chorus at merely 7 years old, sang for her family and friends, and was replicating the gestures and behaviors of her favorite actors. 

When she was in college, Isabel attended professional voice classes for some time; she later explored what life is like in jazz groups and would occasionally join acapella singers, but more importantly, she had a stint as a liturgical vocalist across Chicago and Miami. 

Isabel blossomed through professional acting and was welcomed into various theaters in Chicago, including but not limited to, Teatro Luna, Lifeline, Halcyon, Goodman, and more. One of the roles she is most recognized for is the Abuela Claudia in the musical “In The Heights”, which was praised by Colin Douglas of Chicago Theatre Review:

“Isabel Quintero, perfectly cast as Abuela Claudia, the lovable neighborhood elder, and surrogate grandmother…her two big numbers, “Paciencia Y Fe” and “Hundreds of Stores” are both sung beautifully and with heartfelt sensitivity,” said Douglas. 

Not too long ago, Isabel Quintero decided to refocus on the musical aspects of her career and joined forces with a famed musician Gonzalo Córdova. This led to the creation of the “La Osa Menor” (Ursa Minor) album. 

With this project, Isabel recites the poetry authored by her father along with the original tunes composed by Gonzalo. To promote her rich cultural heritage and enable it to reach a broader audience, Isabel is performing in both English and Spanish. 

More information about Isabel Quintero is available on her official website

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