Otter PR led by Dr. Jay Feldman remains the top-ranked PR firm in the USA

October 03 16:12 2023
Dr. Jay Feldman, a seasoned PR specialist, proudly leads Otter PR, a top-notch public relations firm dedicated to transforming businesses’ media presence, reputation, and crisis management strategies. With a proven track record of success, Dr. Jay Feldman and his team are set to revolutionize the PR industry.

Florida, USA – Dr. Jay Feldman, DO, the visionary founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Otter Public Relations, has combined his extensive expertise in public relations, marketing, and e-commerce to create a media agency like no other. Joined by his long-time business partner, Scott Bartnick, Dr. Jay Feldman embarked on a journey to establish Otter Public Relations, a firm committed to helping founders, writers, authors, thought leaders, coaches, and more, make their mark in the mainstream media.

Dr. Jay Feldman is not just a PR specialist but also an osteopathic medical doctor and serial entrepreneur. His passion for health and business has driven him to launch ventures aimed at providing unbiased health information and projects to a wider audience. He is also the host of the Mentors Collective podcast.

Under Dr. Jay Feldman’s leadership, Otter PR achieved remarkable success, rapidly becoming the top-ranked PR firm on Clutch and the fastest-growing PR firm on multiple lists. Clients quickly recognized the exceptional results delivered by the Otter PR team.

Otter PR offers reputation management services that combine positive press coverage with the unique ability to remove negative reviews and search results, allowing individuals and businesses to celebrate their online reputation.

Otter PR specializes in a comprehensive suite of services aimed at optimizing a brand’s presence and reputation. This includes Brand Auditing, where the firm ensures brand consistency to align with business goals; Communications Auditing, pinpointing areas for PR tactic enhancement; Story/Brand Pitching, propelling a brand into top publications and platforms; and Creating Opportunity, enabling businesses to share their success with a global audience.

While talking about Otter PR. Dr. Jay Felman said: “Success in the media and business world stems from not just seizing opportunities, but also creating them. It’s about crafting your narrative and strategically positioning your brand to shine in the spotlight. Otter PR will help you get into that spotlight.

About Otter PR:

Otter PR, led by Dr. Jay Feldman, is a dynamic public relations firm specializing in media relations, reputation management, and crisis management. With a commitment to delivering guaranteed results, Otter PR is the go-to choice for brand-building and media excellence.

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