Pest Control By Mosquito Shield Demonstrates Effectiveness Within 48 Hours

September 27 18:18 2023
Mosquito Shield offers an effective proprietary formula that is fast-acting and safe. The product is proven over 20 years of scientific discoveries and field testing.

Mosquito Shield of South Miami and Robert Fernandez are pleased to announce that two decades of field testing and scientific advancements have allowed the firm to develop a proprietary formula that reduces mosquito populations within just 48 hours. The recipe, combined with advanced equipment and techniques, has been shown to be effective in eliminating pesky insects. The straightforward approach to pest control blend has been engineered to kill mosquitoes on contact, reduce the population growth for future effect, and create a barrier around the yard for instant relief.

The Mosquito Shield experts share their passion for the great outdoors and help get the customer’s yard back. There is no need to struggle through mosquito season; there is a better solution. The unique approach to mosquito control is proven effective, and noticeable results occur quickly. Any mosquitoes living in or around the active areas of the residence will be killed on contact with the mosquito proprietary blend (MPB). The technicians are trained to target these areas so the effectiveness of the spray is maximized.

Females of the species are drawn to the carbon dioxide humans breathe. The mosquito proprietary blend (MPB) has been specially formulated to mask it. Once the MPB barrier is up, the property will be actively avoided. As treatments are provided, a vertical border is established that strengthens with each mosquito control service visit. This will protect the yard from any unwanted guests. Mosquito Shield makes the whole process of backyard mosquito control easy from start to finish. The goal is to help customers so they can take part in the simple pleasure of relaxing in the yard again.

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Whether it is outdoor mosquito control for the home or the business, Customers can experience all the activities and fun that good weather allows without the annoyance of buzzing, flying mosquitoes. Mosquito Shield of South Miami offers its professionally engineered proprietary solutions, Mosquito Proprietary Blend (MPB) to help repel and kill mosquitoes and Tick Shield to help kill ticks. With the technicians’ expert knowledge of outdoor pests, they are able to pay special attention to locations where mosquitoes and ticks congregate and breed. These techniques are effective with mosquito control as well as tick control and prevention.

The three-method approach kills mosquitoes and masks CO2, attracting mosquitoes and repelling them from the treated property. The spray adheres to foliage, wood, stone, brick, or other organic materials. The spray coats where it is applied and creates a stronger vertical barrier with each visit. Only Mosquito Shield uses FlexBlend spray technology to maximize effectiveness. The company monitors mosquito populations and weather conditions and adjusts the location-based program as needed. By rotating control products, leveraging proactive scheduling, and using resistance management strategies, the company is able to deliver superior results and satisfaction.

In addition to mosquito control, the firm is able to provide professional tick control specialists. The specialists will create a tailored treatment plan customized to the yard to maximize effectiveness and meet needs. The methods help to eradicate existing tick infestations and to prevent new colonies from forming. The success rate is made possible by the custom product blend and its application. The approach helps to stop ticks before they can attach to pets and humans. Any backyard is susceptible to a tick infestation. Grass, plants, or trees are not needed to have ticks. They are hitchhikers and will latch on to deer and rodents until full, then drop off to wait for their next prey.

About the Company:

Mosquito Shield of South Miami has developed a successful proprietary blend that is effective against mosquitos and ticks. The team uses tested products applied precisely to ensure visible results in 48 hours or less. The methods make outdoor living and entertaining possible.

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