Award Winning Entrepreneur Alexandre Rigaud Shares Insights on Achieving Positive Longevity in New Book “Introduction to Positive Longevity: How to Live Better for Longer”

May 26 21:36 2023

Dubai – 26 May, 2023 – Alexandre Rigaud, a dedicated advocate for a healthier lifestyle, announces the release of his latest book, “Introduction to Positive Longevity: How to Live Better for Longer.”

This compelling work delves into his personal journey towards improved health, shedding light on the link between wellbeing and longevity. Rigaud’s book not only serves as a guide for individuals striving to enhance their overall wellness but also aligns with his business venture, STEP, which promotes healthier living through motivational incentives.

In “Introduction to Positive Longevity: How to Live Better for Longer,” Alexandre Rigaud shares his hard-earned wisdom gained through years of experimenting with various diets, exercise regimens, and stress management techniques, as well as studies in various fields. Overcoming obesity and eating disorders, Rigaud’s transformative journey has provided him with a unique perspective on achieving lasting health improvements.


The book underscores the crucial connection between physical health and mental wellbeing, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a holistic approach to wellness. Rigaud dives deep into practical tips and strategies for enhancing diet, fitness habits, and stress management, all of which contribute to a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Moreover, Rigaud explores the groundbreaking concept that aging is epigenetically determined, rather than solely reliant on genetic factors. This discovery has far-reaching implications for the treatment of age-related diseases, offering hope for therapeutic interventions to combat the effects of aging.

“Introduction to Positive Longevity: How to Live Better for Longer” acts as a catalyst for the “Living Better for Longer” movement, complementing Alexandre Rigaud’s venture, STEP.

STEP, short for “Self-care Technology Engagement Protocol,” is a dynamic organization that empowers individuals to embrace healthier lifestyles through motivational incentives. The insights shared in Rigaud’s book further reinforce the core mission of STEP, inspiring individuals to prioritize their wellbeing and pursue a path towards positive longevity.

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About Alexandre Rigaud:

Alexandre Rigaud is an award wining entrepreneur, and dedicated advocate for a healthier lifestyle. Overcoming personal challenges, he has successfully managed to go beyond obesity and eating disorders, inspiring others to pursue their own paths towards better health. Rigaud’s book, “Introduction to Positive Longevity: How to Live Better for Longer,” shares his insights and knowledge, offering practical guidance on achieving lasting wellness improvements.

About STEP:

STEP is a dynamic organization co-founded by Alexandre Rigaud, aiming to empower individuals to lead healthier lives through positive engagement incentives. By encouraging positive lifestyle changes, STEP helps individuals take steps towards improved wellbeing and ultimately, their longevity.

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