Find A Path To A Happier Life With An Excellent Book Written By An Experienced Engineer

April 01 06:12 2023
Find A Path To A Happier Life With An Excellent Book Written By An Experienced Engineer

Solving a technical problem takes trial and error, diligence and time.  The same applies to increasing your own personal happiness.  This book offers an easy-to-follow, engineered program with fifty easy-to-apply happiness suggestions. The Bridge to Happiness, An Engineer’s Approach with 50 Effective Solutions will help anyone – young, old, student, working or retired – make a positive change in their life.

Engineers are known to provide useful and sensible solutions to solve technical problems to benefit people everywhere.  Author and professional engineer, Hans Schols, has uniquely applied this practical approach to help people improve their happiness. With the use of fifty suggestions that support the natural increase of feelgood neurotransmitters, the reader can engineer the improvement of their short-term and long-term happiness.

“The suggestions that I selected work for me.  Having a large number of ideas to choose from allows anyone to pick the happiness improvements that resonate for them” – G. Young

The author recognizes that happiness means something different to each person and suggests that the reader only implement those ideas that they feel are true to themselves and their personality. Just like muscles get stronger by a little bit of exercise, so will your happiness factor improve by making a few changes. 

People need a balance in their lives between the challenges and the positives.   Today’s global problems add an extra challenge to maintaining a level of happiness. Now is a good time to put some time and effort into increasing your happiness factor, and Hans shows you how to do this in The Bridge to Happiness.

About The Author

Hans Schols has been successful in motivating corporate employees for multiple companies across three continents. He is an observer that has tapped into multiple fields which have served him his own purpose. As a family man, professional engineer and just average individual, he has enjoyed solving problems, developing new strategies, creating positive experiences and motivating people throughout his life.  He also enjoys golf, traveling and photography.

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ISBN Number: 978-1915904584
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