Discusses Why Low Code No Code Development Is So Popular

March 30 16:27 2023 Discusses Why Low Code No Code Development Is So Popular

In the past, app development required a substantial amount of specialized knowledge. Every aspiring developer had to learn multiple coding languages, creating an incredibly high bar to entry into the field and making it impossible for most people to actualize their ideas. Now, low-code/no-code platforms have changed all of that.

What Is Low-Code/No-Code?

Low-code/no-code is a form of software development that involves little to no specialized training or coding experience. No-code platforms allow users to create advanced, enterprise-level software applications using drag-and-drop techniques and pre-configured blocks. This, in turn, has given organizations across the world access to a wider range of specialized applications specifically designed to meet their needs. Business leaders can find additional info about the skills required to use low-code/no-code app development platforms via vendors’ websites.

Make Custom Applications More Accessible

Working with a specialized app developer to create a program from scratch is prohibitively expensive for most businesses, but according to, no-code platforms offer a more affordable solution. For one thing, they don’t require specialized experience. Instead, citizen developers can build apps effectively with only a basic knowledge of computers.

Foster Key Skills

To anyone in the field, it’s clear Why Low-Code/No-Code Tech is Important in a Competitive Job Market. Reducing the bar to entry into software development gives many more people the chance to fill what would otherwise have been rigorously demanding jobs that required years of training. Workers benefit because they can skill up in a competitive market, while businesses benefit from a wider pool of skilled candidates.

Speed Up Development and Deployment

Whether businesses hire dedicated low-code developers or assign the task to an existing staff member, they’ll get much faster results working with a platform like KNIME than they would by commissioning custom software from scratch. Speeding up the development and deployment of new applications is crucial in today’s rapidly changing business world. Access to innovative new software solutions created in hours or days rather than months can give a business the competitive edge it needs to grow and thrive.

Enhanced Innovation

Low-code/no-code development doesn’t just benefit businesses and employees willing to learn how to use these platforms. The society also stands to benefit from the enhancements in innovation that are the inevitable result of expanding access to the field. Citizen developers who don’t have specialized programming knowledge often have fantastic ideas about how to improve business agility, streamline operations, and create new and innovative solutions to long-standing problems. Over time, the impact this has on individual businesses will expand to society.

The End of Traditional Software Development?

To be clear, low-code/no-code platforms won’t replace the need for specialized software developers. These industry experts have skills that will always be in high demand, as some aspects of software development still require more rigorous coding knowledge. However, expanding access to the app development world to average people by creating opportunities for them to generate specialized business software solutions has already changed the industry for the better.

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