Talks about Which Gaming Controller Settings Help One Become a Pro at Apex Legends Wraith

March 30 08:48 2023 Talks about Which Gaming Controller Settings Help One Become a Pro at Apex Legends Wraith

Apex Legends is a character-driven game users play with a squad. Teamwork is critical for winning at Apex Legends, but the speed with which players take action is also integral. A suitable controller and configuration will help players get ahead of their competition and win. 

Why Is Configuration So Essential?

Many people do not realize the right configuration can lead to more wins on Apex Legends. Playing a controller straight out of the box may lead to lackluster results, especially given the high demands of a game like Apex Legends. Those who are interested in bettering their game need to learn more about configuration. check it out below to rise above the mundane and take Apex Legends to the next level. 

How to Pro Setup a Controller for Apex Legends

There are many tips players use to get an edge over their competition in Apex Legends, according to These tips work well for all types of controllers across all gaming consoles, but there may be slight differences between configurations. The following tips should help Apex players to configure their controllers to win. 

  • Turn off double tap to sprint from the very beginning. Doing so will help keep the character under better control during a Battle Royale match.

  • Turn the jetpack to holding so one does not lose control while in the air. Jetpacking is one of the most under-utilized tools in Apex Legends. 

  • Players should use a controller with paddles if possible because it will make movement much easier. When playing such a high-demand game, paddles make maneuvering the maps much faster. 

  • Leave the layout settings on default because this will provide a classic shooter experience for players. While some players swear by changing the layout, most are going to want to stick to the default settings for the best results. For further mastery, players should also read Apex Legends: The Ultimate Wraith Guide

  • Place the sensitivity level on 4 for the best results. This level gives just enough sensitivity without being too sensitive. With this level of sensitivity, players will find it easier to respond to enemies on the map. 

  • Keep ADS on three for the best results. Players like various levels of aim-down sights, but three will work for most players who are in it to win it in every match. 

  • Try switching off the dead zone to help prevent stick drift. Many of the best players turn off the dead zone and see good results. Stick drift can be a big problem for players in the middle of a Battle Royale match. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Apex Legends is a challenging game that is sometimes misunderstood by new players. It is wise to practice different configurations to see which works best. Check out the guide from a site such as SCUF Gaming today to learn more. 

No one can become a pro at Apex Legends overnight. It takes time and a lot of practice. This game can be a lot of fun if it is not taken too seriously. Grab two friends, and the action can begin right away. 


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