Bringing IT to the Beats; New York Rapper HAM Shares his Unique Sound

March 30 05:42 2023
Bringing IT to the Beats; New York Rapper HAM Shares his Unique Sound

Hamlet Bent Jr (H.A.M) – Artist Photo
Born in Queens, New York, and has lived in Florida since the late 1980s. HAM (Hustle and Motivate is a prominent tech enthusiast and artist following his passion. With his innovative and real tech-inspired lyrics, HAM is taking over the hip-hop scene. HAM is also eager to broaden his musical brand and collaborate with other outstanding musicians. He also wants to use his influence to inspire millions of others to discover the power of technology.

Over the years, the hip-hop sound has modernized, with rappers showcasing flashy and flamboyant lifestyles. It’s common to see rappers boastful of their material wealth, from diamond chain pieces to supercars and more. Similarly, their music has catchy lyrics that restate their love for tech products. More and more artists, including HAM, a prolific rapper, are also notable for rhyming about Information Technology.

Born in Queens, New York, and has been a FL resident since the late 80’s. HAM (Hustle and Motivate) Broward aka “BrowHard” (H=Ham Hustling Hip Hop), formally known as Hamlet Bent Jr, is a renowned tech enthusiast and artist living his dream. HAM shares over 20 years of experience in networking and technology, working in IT with various organizations. The tech-savvy also share a profound passion for music, especially hip-hop sound.

At a young age, HAM started paying attention to hip-hop and listening to various artists, including the talented Rakim, KRS One and BDP, Big Daddy Kane, Public Enemy, Ice T, NWA, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Salt N Peppa, Heavy D, Pete Rock among others. His love for poetic pieces also drove him to listen to emcees explaining different life situations in rhymes.

Years later, HAM is taking over the hip-hop scene with his new and authentic tech-inspired rap. He has established a brand as one of the artists investing in breaking down tech through music. HAM aims to share his tech knowledge and experience in modern computer networks, security, social engineering, and “hacking” with others.

Unlike the competition, HAM won’t dumb you down. Instead, he will entertain and enlighten you more about computer networks. “My songs are educational, contain no profanity, no violence or drug dealing, just talking about computer networks and “hacking” in certain instances,” he says.

According to HAM, cyber security is a significant concern, and his songs will always have some useful IT message. To him, the ultimate goal is to reach a vast international audience by leveraging his talent to make a change.

The promising talent hints at numerous upcoming projects set for release in the coming weeks. HAM is also keen to expand his musical brand and hopefully work with other talented artists. He also wants to tap into his influence to inspire millions to uncover the power of tech.

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