Land Of Conquest The New Must Play On-Chain NFT Strategy Game

March 29 11:04 2023

March 29, 2023 – Singapore – Get ready for the ultimate strategic gaming experience with Land of Conquest – the brand new on-chain NFT large-scale SLG online game based on Wasteland World War. With a novel play-to-earn economic model, this game promises to take your online gaming experience to the next level. 

The platform is at the forefront of innovation, integrating DAO, NFT and DeFi technologies. With its unique strategic gameplay, Land of Conquest brings a new sense of life to the online gaming world. Get ready to immerse yourself in jungle warfare, where hero meets world battlefield meets real-time strategy meets attack war. 

But this isn’t just any other SLG game. Land of Conquest has reimagined the SLG survival rule and its gameplay emphasizes the importance of mutual support and community building. Players will rely on each other to grow stronger and navigate the game’s challenges.

Land of Conquest’s gameplay incorporates the core features of SLG games, with strategy and social interaction based on the growth of lords. You’ll find yourself utilizing the map system to strategize and create your world based on location, distance and natural resources. In this game, acquiring land isn’t just a luxury – it’s crucial to your success.

The game’s open-world land is limited, making purchasing land in the world crucial to creating sub-world scenarios. And if that’s not enough, the game’s New World 2.0 plate will be developed according to gamers’ decisions. So, you’ll have a say in when and how the new continent will be explored.

Land of Conquest draws inspiration from leading products such as COK, ROK, and Pocket Raiders, with an average quarterly turnover of 60-90 million US dollars. SLG category users remain loyal and highly active, leading to endless gameplay possibilities. 

Get ready to reap the rewards of this game as it deeply excavates the economic attributes of SLG and integrates world map PVP, accumulated resources and social functions into the economic model of Play-To-Earn. 

Experience game-changing landscape resources and building decoration resources as you embark on your quest for conquest. Land of Conquest – the new must-play on-chain NFT strategy game.

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