Sarkar Tactical Offers Functional Press Vests, Bomb Disposal Suits, and High-Cut Helmets

March 29 14:44 2023
Sarkar Tactical, a quality-focused ballistic equipment protection company, offers press vests, bomb disposal suits, and high-cut helmets.

Finding the right military wear or armour source is crucial for different military and law enforcement agents. Sarkar Tactical is a ballistic equipment protection company that provides various agencies with functional and quality equipment for their operations. The ballistic equipment protection company specialises in protective suits, body armour, and tactical products. They ensure the quality of their products aligns with client’s needs and industry standards. Their resolve to provide unique ballistic protection products set them apart in the industry. Thus, their products include ballistic shields, ballistic helmets, ballistic plates, ballistic vests, helmet accessories, plate carriers, ballistic accessories, tactical coveralls & jumpsuits, and EOD & Demining equipment.

In response to a query about their services, the spokesperson of Sarkar Tactical commented, “Our services are provided by top professionals who prioritise the needs of customers. Sam Sarkar, our founder, served as a Navy Officer, and with his experience, we can provide our clients with products of superior quality. By providing our clients and customers with wide-ranging products, we offer options they can select based on their preferences and requirements. We are also dedicated to improving our services regularly. We are a company with a strong drive for innovation, and you can count on us to provide peerless services and products.”

Sarkar Tactical provides products of exceptional quality. They are a leading ballistic company with factories in Texas, the U.K., El Paso, and Glasgow. Their professionals are well-trained and skilled, providing functional and properly designed suits for their clients. They have press vests that come with exceptional features. These vests are innovatively made, as they do not adapt to an existing model. The company’s professionals returned to their drawing board, designing these press vests from scratch. Thus, this makes their press vest design unique in the market. It has a highly professional & clean appearance, foldaway neck protection, and Coolmax® lining & inner lumbar support. Those who want to buy press vest can contact Sarkar Tactical.

The spokesperson added, “Our press vests, or MPVs, as we call them, are designed to improve your appearance and protect you. They have a smooth outer carrier constructed in abrasive-resistant materials, “CorduraT” with heavy-duty Velcro closures. Our Sarkar demining suit offers total coverage, is lighter, and offers more freedom of movement than a standard EOD suit. The suit comes with components that are uniquely designed and comfortable. For instance, its trousers are supported by stout braces. This offers users freedom of movement and optimum protection for the legs. The demining suit’s jacket also provides front, back & side, and shoulder neck protection with the additional feature of armour plate pockets.”

Sarkar Tactical also provides alpha high-cut helmets in different colors and sizes. Those interested in knowing their bomb disposal suit price can visit their website.

About Sarkar Tactical:

Sarkar Tactical is a trusted ballistic equipment protection company where agencies can get high cut helmets and other products.

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Sarkar Tactical

325 Renfrew Road,

Glasgow, UK

G51 4SP

Phone: +44 (0) 141 445 4637

Email: [email protected]


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