Alexander David Manns Raises 50 Million For New Unicorn Start Up: Depression Saving Application Launching on IOS & Android

March 29 06:30 2023

The eligible individual Alexander David Manns is ruling with a creative app, aiming to leave a positive impact behind.

Alexander David Manns, a highly eligible Air Force veteran and a proficient entrepreneur for ten years, is becoming an emerging face of fame for launching a groundbreaking application with COO Kamolwan Manns named Krushley designed to spread positivity and enthusiasm. As an advertising and marketing expert, Alexander David Manns wanted to create a program that would bring people together in a positive way and reduce depression, restoring the world to a more interactive place.

The 29-year-old successful entrepreneur has strived hard to launch and improve the application based on users’ reviews and preferences and has triumphantly achieved bringing such an application into existence. Bringing together numerous people and helping them to come out of the darkness, the application gained millions of dollars in investment and expected to generate one billion or more over the course of one year alone to become a unicorn startup. With its innovative features, Krushley stands out among the other applications due to leaving an optimistic impact on society rather than generating money.

“We are currently reviewing many investors and partners that want to work with us. We have been to 100+ meetings and look forward to meeting other companies with our dream of bettering the world and creating a more interactive environment in order to decrease depression and create more love in the world,” says Alexander David Manns, the founder of Krushley.

With the new application release, Alexander David Manns is expected to generate 1 billion within the first year and strives to continuously update the app while planning to expand it into different parts of the world. Throughout his life, Alexander David Manns has advised others not to give up on their dreams, as well as guiding them to overcome the difficulties they encounter. He plans to add creative features to the application and help people come out of depression and darkness.

The founder adds, “What inspires me is creating a program to be able to bring people together in a positive way and to cut down numbers of depression & to restore the world to an interactive environment. Even when things seem as though they are hard, I urge people to have a good support system and to not give up if you have a dream.”


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