Tax Attorney Chooses DLA Editors & Proofers for Debut Novel

March 28 17:54 2023

HOUSTON, TX – March 28, 2023 – Allen Braddock, a Houston-based tax attorney for a Texas-based energy company, and DLA Editors & Proofers, a boutique agency providing book editing services to a worldwide clientele of novice and experienced writers, today announce Braddock’s choice of DLA Editors & Proofers for the development and editing of his debut novel, tentatively titled “A Year and a Month.” A work of historical fiction, “A Year and a Month” focuses on the period when the Byzantine Empire was declining. Braddock, who grew up in Lubbock, Texas, and later received his juris doctorate from the University of Virginia School of Law, can trace his passion for the Byzantine Empire to his minor in history while in college at Oklahoma State University.

“I discovered it kind of like a hidden gem,” Braddock said. “I was taking Roman history courses, Middle Eastern and some Russian history courses, and I kept finding the Byzantines in the middle of it all. They’re essentially the Eastern Roman Empire who in the late 600s and early 700s faced the threat of the Arab Caliphate. It was more than just two empires colliding. It was Christianity versus Islam rife with palace intrigue, political backstabbing and betrayal. The Crusades will come soon after. It’s a very exciting period — and one that is often overlooked.”

DLA Editors & Proofers has found many hidden gems in their 15-year history. David Lombardino, founder and editor in chief of the company, developed his book editing skills during an eight-year career as a staff editor for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. He experienced the life-changing impact professional editing can have on a person, in a society and for an organization.

“UNESCO was a transformative experience, both personally and professionally,” Lombardino said. “I collaborated with professionals from a broad array of cultures to impact others through our work, and learned the value of seeing each story as having a vision to achieve. When I founded DLA Editors & Proofers, I wanted the same spirit of collaboration toward empowering our clients to shape the world around them. The editors I hire for our team share this same spirit and vision.”

Clients of DLA Editors & Proofers’ book editing services span a wide array of interests around this singular vision. Through our collaboration, they have secured a spot in the Historic New Orleans Collection, inspired radical leadership in the trucking industry, and traced the role of race in the birth of our nation. They pioneer stories and discoveries that contribute to our national and global heritage. Braddock’s work is no different. It shines a light on the forces behind our current geopolitical and religious climates.

“A lot of people think of the Battle of Tours in France as having stopped the Arab and Islamic expansion from Spain into Europe.” Braddock continued. “But you really need to go back 20 years previously to the siege of Constantinople where the Byzantines with 9,000 men held out against 120,000 Arab soldiers and won. It is a great time in history, one I felt compelled to write about.”

As an attorney and soon-to-be newlywed, Braddock has a busy schedule. He also knows the value of getting a second pair of eyes to provide an objective view of his work.

“For my job, I write a lot — contracts, briefs and motions,” Braddock explained. “I get at least one other attorney to check everything I write. When it came to writing for fun, I wanted to know: Was I on the right track? I had heard stories of first-time authors who wrote an entire book and had it edited. They discovered they had such foundational issues that needed correction that they had to scrap all their work. With my fiancée’s support, I wrote for one hour a day. I wanted to make efficient use of this time, so when I finished the first act of my book, I turned to DLA Editors & Proofers to get their professional opinion. Where was it good? Where was it bad? What did I need to fix? I could not have been more satisfied with my choice.”

In researching professional book editing services, Braddock sought fair pricing, good turnaround time and honest substantive comments. It just so happened DLA Editors & Proofers was also in Houston. Terry Cummings was the editor assigned to his book.

“Terry’s a literary expert,” Braddock praised. “She has tons of experience and provided fantastic feedback throughout the book. After I had reviewed everything, we had a phone call to discuss some questions I had. She knew the characters inside and out and exactly where I would be headed with Act 2 and the rest of the book. I wasn’t expecting that. She really dove in and provided me the foundational guidance I needed as a first-time author. It was a great experience.”

If there was one piece of advice Braddock could offer someone considering writing a book, Braddock said, “Take the plunge. If not, you’re going to regret not doing it.”


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