Southeast Softwash Invents The Batch Buster: The World’s First Purpose-Built Metering Valve for Soft Washing

January 25 23:15 2023
The Batch Buster is a modular system designed to meet the unique demands of the softwash industry.

Southeast Softwash, an industry leader in softwash systems, supplies, and training, has recently launched the Batch Buster, the world’s first metering valve specifically built for soft washing. The valve, which is available as a retrofit for existing machines, enables users to precisely control the ratio of chemicals and water used during the softwash application – simplifying the mixing process for soft washing.

The best part? The Batch Buster’s innovative design allows it to achieve a broad range of tasks and support different pumping systems. The valve can accept half-inch to one-inch connections and is purpose-built for lifetime use. Its modular design means the valve grows with the system, eliminating the need to buy new equipment with each upgrade. In the long run, builders can save time and money on new equipment and resources. The Batch Buster is a true game changer in the softwash industry.

“The Batch Buster valve is the highest flow metering valve the soft wash industry has ever seen. It’s perfect for Gas Pumps, Booster Pumps, Air, and even the 12-volt or 24-volt softwash pumps,” says Coty Yarbrough, owner and manager of Southeast Softwash.

Over the past two decades, builders have had to piece together valves of varying sizes to manually create proper mixing ratios for their softwash solutions since none of the metering valves used are optimized for soft washing. As a result, many systems require extensive upkeep and are prone to wear and tear.

Yarbrough states, “A starving pump causes premature pump failure; the Batch Buster removes that restriction while simultaneously allowing the user to accurately measure chemical ratios on the fly.”

The Batch Buster is engineered specifically for the unique demands of the softwash industry. It provides operators greater control over their processes and helps ensure the highest level of safety in their work environment. The valve minimizes downtime from equipment failure while maximizing operational efficiency.

The valve is made from high-quality, durable materials and incorporates cutting-edge engineering for powerful, long-lasting performance. It has been tested with 100,000 gallons of continuous flow with 12.5% sodium hypochlorite.

Each Batch Buster comes with one-half-inch and one-inch coupler kits. It is offered in two V-groove options – the standard ball and the super ball. The super ball gives 50% more flow and is ideal for systems running on a higher flow system. It offers wider reach and reduces damage to pumps caused by high-volume flows.

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