Sifu Matthew Klein, celebrity wellness expert, launches Sober Martial Arts, an effective new method to battle addictions and imbalances

January 11 20:24 2023

Celebrity wellness coach and kung fu master, Sifu (see-fu) Matthew Klein, has created a new method to master addiction: Sober Martial Arts.

Sober Martial Arts (SMA) harnesses the powerful sciences of the martial arts to battle addiction and the mental and emotional imbalances that cause them, by training addicts to understand how to control their own electromagnetism or “chi.”

This January, as many people go “dry” after an indulgent holiday season, they may find themselves wanting to quit permanently but are unsure how to do so.

“Once you understand how to access the electromagnetism of your body in an entirely new way, you change the nervous system, build more esteem, and activate profound states of harmony and balance. Addiction does not live in these states.” says Klein.

His innovative SMA method has helped many individuals conquer various life-altering addictions as well as the underlying mental and emotional states like anxiety, rage, shame, mood disorders and ADHD. SMA adds a new dimension to addiction and rehab programs that reaches far beyond standard models of body/chemistry and mind. SMA sees the body as a series of electrical states and uses martial arts positions and movements to create new power in the body, designed to alter specific imbalances that would otherwise be impossible to shift. SMA teaches that addictions are forces within the body, and people can build the power to heal the addictive forces head on, while understanding them from a non-judgmental space.

As an addict to alcohol starting at age 9, Klein stumbled into sobriety at 22. Though he was substance-free for decades, it was only through practicing martial arts and using his healing knowledge that he was able to both see and change the subtle afflictions of mind and emotion that were so deeply ingrained they seemed invisible and untouchable. Sober Martial Arts became an answer for many people who had hopelessly failed to get clean, as well as for those who were clean, but continued to suffer from their untouchable personality disorders.

“We don’t use our bodies properly for healing because we aren’t aware of the joy and power our body can bring,”  Klein says. “To the addict or traumatized, the body becomes an object s/he casts away, ignoring its wisdom, self-sabotaging toward devastation and destruction. With SMA, the body becomes a sacred ally, to build a communication channel and achieve holistic wellness in all areas.”

Klein has 40+ years of martial arts study starting at the age of 4. He is a chi master and Sifu of Wing Chung and achieved black belts in Judo and Jiu Jitsu at the early age of 18. He also teaches Liangong and many healing and regeneration systems and is a certified recovery coach. Klein’s clients include celebrities, NBA players, business leaders, royalty, and has lectured and run wellness clinics globally at venues ranging from the Arts Club and Hale Clinic in London, to Soho House and the Carillon hotel in Miami.

SMA will work with top luxury rehab centers to train them in the SMA method. 

As an expert in overcoming addictions and developing the Sober Martial Arts system, Klein is available to discuss:

–  How to uproot addiction at its core and maintain sobriety
–  Techniques to become invincible against relapse
–  Becoming well in an unwell world
–  How to use Sober Martial Arts principles to heal addictions/imbalances and unhealthy mind states.

To learn more about Sifu Matthew Klein and Sober Martial Arts’ offerings, visit

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