St. Louis Software Company, Appliance, Inc., Using Cutting Edge Tech and AI to Change How Appliance Retailers Operate in 2023

January 11 20:15 2023
Software company Appliance, Inc. is starting 2023 with a mission—using innovative advancements in technology to build industry-specific software designed to meet the software needs of appliance companies, from warehouse and website to retail and delivery.

After working in secrecy on a specialized software platform, going into the new year, Appliance, Inc. is working to change the way appliance retailers operate with the release of its cutting-edge technology and AI software. With a full suite of software products to address every aspect of an appliance retail company, Appliance, Inc. saves clients time and money with efficient, specialized products. 

Appliance, Inc.’s revolutionary retail appliance software suite is divided into four core areas: RetailOS, WarehouseOS, DeliveryOS, and WebsiteOS. The programs are fully integrated on the backend, offering clients a single system for inventory, point-of-sale, website, delivery, support, and accounting. Appliance, Inc. offers everything in a single, convenient platform to maximize functionality. 

“Our RetailOS is an all-encompassing retail solution that centralizes your retail data, payments, pricing, and more, saving hours your team would have spent on manual tasks,” Appliance, Inc. creators said.

Move inventory with accuracy and precision

Appliance retailers know the value of an easy-to-manage warehouse solution. Profitability often depends on keeping inventory moving with accuracy and precision. Appliance, Inc.’s WarehouseOS does just that, getting products where they need to be and ensuring inventory stays organized. Product availability, serialization, and one-click ordering are some of the innovative time-saving automations available. 

Keep the team in sync 

With a fully integrated warehouse and delivery system, Appliance, Inc. makes it impossible for staff to load and deliver the wrong model. Improve efficiency and optimize the delivery system with the DeliveryOS software

“DeliveryOS keeps your customers and team in sync every step of the way,” company representatives said. “It is an always up-to-date delivery solution that aggregates every aspect of the delivery process, including scheduling, reporting, customer notifications, route optimization, and beyond.”

Functional industry-specific website design

Appliance, Inc.’s software suite includes a visually appealing functional WebsiteOS built specifically for appliance retail by experts with years of experience in the industry. Clients have seen increased conversions and elevated exposure and enjoyed the convenience of automatic updates on the backend. Fully integrated systems make modifying or scaling a company’s digital presence a simplified process. 

One of Appliance, Inc.’s most recent projects was the deployment of a fully functional eCommerce website for Slyman Bros Appliances. The site is capable of handling every aspect of the company’s system.

“Since our systems are fully integrated, updating things like pricing and inventory is done automatically. Workflows are identical to retail workflows, and we built a round-robin sales handoff that assigns each online order to a member of the retail team preventing another salary,” Appliance, Inc. founders said. 

Building a more efficient industry

Appliance, Inc.’s advanced AI technology and specialized software suite are set to revolutionize the retail appliance industry with efficient processes and time-saving automation. With the fully integrated software suite, smaller companies can offer the service and speed to compete with more prominent brands. 

“We will change the industry to be more efficient and drive more traffic to independent retailers vs. major brands,” company founders said.

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