Unihance, the first decentralized marketplace for online courses in the MENA region

January 11 19:39 2023
Unihance offers a knowledge hub with more than 1200 online courses in Arabic language in different subjects

JANUARY 11, 2023 – Ahmad Obaidat is the founder of Unihance.com, Unihance is a platform that gives a way for specialists, instructors, universities, companies, and academies to create and then upload professional courses on the platform without any restrictions and financial cost.

Being a decentralized e-learning platform is one of the unique things about Unihance, “decentralized means that the process of sharing knowledge is from peer-to-peer; any instructor can upload a course from anywhere without having to communicate with Unihance officially; therefore, any student can have it. We do not upload or own the content,” Obaidat said.

We think of ourselves as ‘the Uber’ of knowledge; we have a platform where the knowledge providers can reach the knowledge seekers. We do not own the courses just like how Uber does not own the cars. The drivers own the cars and Uber only helps ‘seekers’ find the drivers,

According to the CEO, the main objective of the platform is to help reduce and minimize the knowledge and scientific gap in educational and the requirements of the labor market in the Arab world.

“We want to help increase cooperation between university students and the marketplace by enhancing and enriching the Arabic e-learning content so we can minimize the gap between knowledge and skills,” Obaidat explained.

The CEO said that more than 500,000 students visit the platform monthly, and that it has over 1200 professional and scientific courses available. “It is the highest growing e-learning platform in the Arab world,” Obaidat added.

The CEO also said that the company is working on “an artificial intelligence system for the platform. We are building a ‘virtual agent’ that will help each user with career guidance and give suggestions and recommendations on the most important educational paths that suit the user’s educational level and inclinations.”

And despite the COVID-19 situation negatively impacted nearly every sector, the pandemic highlighted “the importance of online decentralized learning in the Arab world,” Obaidat said.

He continued: “The world in general has depended on online courses since 2012, and it has affected students in a positive way, unlike here; we did not realize how important online learning was until last year when the pandemic hit.”

As for future, Obaidat said that they are thinking of expanding the platform, to offer courses in English. “There are some courses that are in English now already, we are also looking to expand globally and offer content maybe in Spanish, Turkish, and French,” Obaidat said.

To know more please visit www.unihance.com

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