Haier Biomedical: Empowers International Markets with Science and Technology

January 11 10:58 2023

Life science plays a vital role in ensuring the steady development of our global society. The deep integration of science and technology into the biomedical field has prompted the development of new products, models and solutions in the medical sector. By remaining committed to life science and medical innovation, Haier Biomedical has been constantly expanding scenario-based services and stepping up scientific research efforts, this allows Haier Biomedical to win international customers and tap deeper into international markets with high-quality products while promoting the development of the life science and health industries.


In pursuing product innovation, Haier Biomedical has been adhering to the motto that “scientific and technological innovation is the first driving force for development”. One example of this is Haier Biomedical TwinCool Frequency Conversion ULT Freezer. This freezer innovatively combines frequency conversion technology with energy-saving refrigeration technology. Compared with the traditional HFC refrigerating system, it produces zero pollution and is environmentally friendly. This competitive edge allows it to outperform other international brands, and it is certified by the “Energy Star”. The TwinCool Frequency Conversion ULT Freezers are favored by international customers because of its TwinCool technology, frequency conversion technology, and hydrocarbon energy-saving technology. Since the product was launched, Haier Biomedical has won orders from many countries, and our brand awareness has increased as a result.

Meanwhile, in line with a service-based philosophy, Haier Biomedical has set up a complete global service system to provide users with the best product experience. From installation to use, Haier Biomedical will immediately respond to any problems from customers and provide them with solutions, this is possible due to our global after-sales system.

Additionally, to enable users to better understand and use our products, Haier Biomedical has established training centers in West Africa, Dubai, Singapore, and the UK to provide regular training sessions related to the products for our partners and customers. Such training centers provides customers with professional skills, but also enhances their recognition of Haier Biomedical. By connecting high-quality services with customers, Haier Biomedical has created value for both our company, our partners, key stakeholders and most importantly the end user.

With a surge in innovation of life science, Haier Biomedical has promoted the integration of life science and technology into medical ecosystems. Following localization strategies, Haier Biomedical has been using the wonders of science and technology to empower our products, protecting life with passion, wisdom, and knowledge.

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