Randy G. Howell Jr Unveils the ‘Haus of Howell’ on Black Friday

November 24 14:42 2022
Randy G. Howell Jr Unveils the ‘Haus of Howell’ on Black Friday
The founder of the ‘S.I.M.S. Approach’ is growing his brand through a unique slate of offerings

Coach, mentor and public speaker Randy G. Howell Jr is pleased to announce his all-new site, Haus of Howell, which is set to launch on ‘Black Friday’, November 25, 2022, which will serve as a singular destination for his slate of numerous lifestyle offerings and products.

Howell Jr has been working diligently in expanding his mentoring empire as he is guiding coaches across specialities like health and wellness, spirituality, and mental wellbeing. Each of them are being trained as part of his signature ‘S.I.M.S. Approach’, or Story, Implementation, Manifestation Process and Show and Tell, which offers clients clarity, direction and support as they evaluate themselves and work to figure out where the gaps are in their lives.

In conjunction with the launch of the forthcoming, Haus of Howell, it will also be the debut of a new book authored by Howell Jr titled, Truth of the Matter Is, which will include his take on 30 thought-provoking topics and subjects that are trending in society. Additionally, he is also unveiling products, such as a ‘Manifestation Candle,’ as well as his signature recipes, cookbooks, and chef apron.

“A truth coach makes you comfortable to tell your story. We find the courage to stand in our own truth,” stated Howell Jr. “We live in a world where we worry about everything around us. That is where depression comes from because you haven’t activated the part of your brain to prioritize yourself and your needs. My new site will offer a little bit of everything that I have to offer to help you, help yourself, through these issues and many others.”

For more information about Howell Jr, his ‘Black Friday’ launch or to book an online coaching session, please visit www.truthcoachrandy.com

About Randy G. Howell Jr

Randy G. Howell Jr, is a life coach, mentor and public speaker. He is the founder of the Haus of Howell and creator of the signature ‘S.I.M.S. Approach’, which helps individuals in their personal and professional lives, via exclusive online coaching and mentoring sessions. He has a forthcoming book, Truth of the Matter Is.

For more information about Coach Randy and his online coaching sessions, please visit www.truthcoachrandy.com

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