Green Eco Dream Changes the Way People Consume

June 08 00:00 2021
Green Eco Dream Changes the Way People Consume
From hoping for a better future to creating an accessible solution to fighting climate change.

In 2015, 197 countries all over the globe agreed on a common set of goals and principles which are part of what is now called the 2030 Agenda. One of the biggest highlights of this Agenda is the goal of countering global climate change.

Humans are currently consuming at a much higher rate than the planet can replenish. This is mostly referred to the developed countries with the US being on top of the list. If people don’t change the way they consume soon, humanity will reach the point of no return.

For many, this challenge may be too big to solve. But with Green Eco Dream, sustainability is within everyone’s reach. One of the biggest challenges in tackling sustainability is the lack of accessibility of good alternatives. Plastic is simply everywhere, and not enough people know about the negative impact on our planet. Eight million metric tons of plastic waste are ending up in the oceans every year. It is killing fish, sea turtles, whales, birds and much more. Landfills are already full of waste and humans just keep adding more.

Green Eco Dream shows how consumers can become more conscious of the products that they buy. It is a one-stop shop for everything sustainable that one household needs. Its focus is to make sustainable shopping widely accessible and to try to reduce plastic usage, chemicals, and toxins that many of the conventional everyday items carry with them. Sustainable shopping means recognizing that everything people buy has a health, environmental, and social impact. It is Green Eco Dream’s hope that this way of shopping will be the new normal – a more conscious way of thinking and a healthier lifestyle.

The web-based store now carries over thirty brands that offer health and beauty, kitchen, laundry, and on the go products, from trusty stainless steel water bottles to tooth tablets to reusable ear swabs – yes ear swabs! Products featured at Green Eco Dream are ethically sourced, organic, cruelty-free, and best of all plastic-free packaging. The store boasts of its plastic-free shipping with recyclable material, reducing consumers’ carbon-footprint. Consumers are also encouraged to rethink and try to reuse their packaging.

Recently, Green Eco Dream became a Certified Green America Business which is a proof of its commitment to its social and environmental responsibilities. It is also a member of 1% For the Planet through which it supports non-profit environmental projects.

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