A University in New Zealand Announced the Working Principle of the GLT Component: Fight HPV through the MVA Pathway

April 12 18:45 2021

It is widely known that proteases are essential for cell division and growth, and so does HPV. If there is a new substance that could target to cut off the protease supply of HPV, it can completely eliminate HPV in the body.

Auckland University of Technology, a well-known university in New Zealand and its genetic research center together with a scientific research institution called, EZZ Life Science R&D team announced the result of a 12 months non-stop research: Resulting in the discovery that GLT components can cut the HPV protease supply through the MVA pathway. According to research, the effective rate of this path is as high as 97%.

These entities have been researching human genetics for an extensive period of time, the main focus of the two scientific institutions is HPV research. As early as a year ago, they reported a new type of GLT from a plant, which can bind to the nonspecific complement to render it inactive.

It is found that GLT has targeted defense against HPV. In addition, GLT mainly through MVA (Mevalonate pathway) to destroy the synthesis of HPV protease through oxidation, reduction, deacidification, cyclochemization process, and thus achieve the purpose of removing HPV.

The outstanding performance of GLT is that it can significantly reduce the activity of HPV protease. It is important to mention that GLT does not cause harm to other normal cells, it is through the protein surface of the negative charge and HPV positive charge fusion, that the structure of the HPV protein is inactivate and ultimately removes the inactivated HPV.

“The results of this research are of great significance to the global fight against HPV, and the MVA pathway is conducive to the development of HPV bio-proteinase blocking technology, providing a new way of thinking for research in the field of HPV,” said an expert in the field of HPV.

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