Akeem Mair: On How He Became a Winner in America’s Top Television Game Show Let’s Make A Deal

April 09 00:09 2021
Akeem Mair: On How He Became a Winner in America’s Top Television Game Show Let’s Make A Deal

With its first-ever debut on NBC in 1963, Let’s Make A Deal has served as one of the most popular and longest-running American game shows that have consistently won the hearts of millions of households throughout the United States and worldwide. Most recently, Akeem Mair appeared as a guest for the comedy-game show. Today, he shares the amusing story of how he was invited to play for the world-famous game show through a very unexpected series of events. 

The story starts with his cousin receiving an invitation to join the Let’s Make A Deal show in June 2019. Reluctant to appear on the show, he asked Akeem Mair if he was interested in doing the show instead. Akeem happily obliged and quickly gathered the details for the audition process. After exchanging emails with Valerie Pitman from Pitman Casting, she got in touch with Akeem on June 3 to schedule him for an interview with the casting producer, Jerry Artukovich.

With no tripod or any camera equipment at hand, the game show star’s brother Wesley Mair went out of his way and decided to help him by holding up his iPhone 10 Max for the entire interview duration. The interview went smoothly and filled the room with laughter. “Jerry was awesome and cool,” shares Akeem Mair. When asked about his interest in the show and which game he wanted to play, Akeem happily shared his decision to go for the segment Go Big or Go Home. He explained to the casting producer that big risks and rewards have always fascinated him in life. Akeem further explained that his intention was to win a car for his brother. He pointed out that this was a perfect way to thank his brother for all the help that he has done.

With no call from the show in the months that followed, Akeem Mair initially thought that the interview did not go well. Fortunately, after the third month, Chelsea Spence, the casting associate producer and coordinator, dropped exciting news on Akeem’s inbox. He was selected to appear on the Let’s Make A Deal show. “I could not believe it,” expresses Akeem. He finally appeared on one of America’s most famous shows. 

Originally, Akeem Mair was set to dress up as Green Lantern, but the licensing issues prevented this from happening. Fortunately, the contestant producer of the show, Evelyn Bradfield, provided a brilliant solution of converting the costume into Let’s Make A Deal’s superhero “Zonk!”

With overwhelming excitement at hand, Akeem Mair made sure to follow the show on Twitter before securing the show’s quickie deal items which included a mustard packet, eraser, and a roll of pennies. He gathered all these the night before the taping. While on his way to purchase the items in the nearby 7/11 on Washington and Altadena Drive. The quick shopping trip brought Akeem nostalgia, bringing him back to fond memories of him working as a cashier and meat clerk. It reminded him of how a customer ended up changing his life from a financial banker to a professional actor today. 

On the taping day, Akeem Mair may not have had the luck to win the jackpot, but his gratitude for having the honor of being featured in the show did provide him with good luck. When host Jonathan Magnum asked Akeem if he followed the show on Twitter, Akeem had a strong feeling that he would be going home with a happy smile on his face. He was then asked for the quickie deal items, and after happily retrieving the mustard packet he had secured inside his bag, he won himself $500 for a simple pack of mustard. With so much thrill and excitement surrounding the players and the glaring possibility of going home empty-handed, that plot twist was, indeed, a great way to end the show. 

Learn more about Akeem Mair by visiting his official IMDb profile.

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