Bandenia Formula Capital LTD – Functions of Financial Intermediaries

April 07 12:40 2021
Bandenia Formula Capital LTD - Functions of Financial Intermediaries

Bandenia Formula Capital LTD is a Financial Intermediary organization based in the United Kingdom. The company was incorporated in November 2015 and is currently directed by Jose Miguel Artiles Ceballos.

What is a Financial Intermediary?

For those who don’t know, a financial intermediary is defined as any financial institution like banks, insurance company, investment banks, or pension funds. The main objective of a financial intermediary is to offer a service that helps an individual or a firm save or borrow money. They can help facilitate the different needs of lenders and borrowers.

Let us take an example to understand this better. Suppose you need to borrow £1,000 for some business or personal needs. You can try finding an individual who can lend you that amount. However, this can be time-consuming, and moreover, you may not even be sure if the lender is reliable.

Therefore, rather than wasting time on finding someone who can lend £1,000 and still be reliable, it might be more efficient to visit a bank and borrow the money from there. A bank is always a reliable lender and can surely lend you the money with proper documents. In this scenario, the bank is considered as the financial intermediary.

Benefits of Financial Intermediaries

There are plenty of benefits of dealing with a financial intermediary such as Bandenia Formula Capital LTD. Some of the common benefits are:

● They offer lower search costs, which means you don’t have to spend time finding the right lenders, they do that for you.

● You can spread the risk by depositing money with a financial intermediary, who lends money to a variety of borrowers. This is better than lending money to just one individual because if one of these Borrowers fails you won’t lose all your funds.

● They offer the convenience of amounts. Suppose if you want to borrow £1,000, it might be difficult to find someone who can lend exactly that sum. However, a financial intermediary may have many people, each depositing a certain amount of money. Hence, a financial intermediary can easily lend you £1,000 by aggregating deposits, saving you the time to find someone who can lend you that much.


Bandenia Formula Capital LTD is an expert in financial intermediation and with Jose Miguel Artiles Ceballos as the company’s director, the company is sharper and stronger than ever.

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