Family Reconcile Announces Initiative to Combat Effects of Family Estrangement in Adults, Parents, and Children

April 05 20:12 2021

05 April, 2021 – Family Reconcile, an organization committed to combatting family estrangement and isolation, is pioneering a new initiative to combat estrangement amongst adults, parents, and children. Reaffirming its support for this emotional health crisis, Family Reconcile is leveraging new resources each day.

Family estrangement, a growing crisis worldwide, has documented effects on psychological and physical health, and undermines fundamental human needs that include a need to belong, need for control in social situations, need for high levels of self-esteem, and need for a meaningful existence. Those affected by estrangement, including adults, parents, and children, also suffer adverse psychological consequences such as loneliness, low self-esteem, aggression, and depression, triggering powerful grief responses and feelings of non-acceptance, unhappiness, and loneliness. These effects are not short-term – but long-term and detrimental across one’s lifetime if not corrected with professional resources and reunification efforts. The latest research in the field supports this cause.

To combat estrangement’s detriments, Family Reconcile is focusing on several initiatives and practice areas that involve re-established contact coordination, relationship care coordination, family estrangement support groups, and professional development providers.

“We are one of the first non-profits to tackle this issue,” remarked Esther Lovett, Communications Director at the Family Reconcile. “Millions around the globe need our support, and we stand ready to support reconnection and reunification for improved familial well-being.”

About Family Reconcile

Family Reconcile is a non-profit organization committed to combatting family estrangement and isolation. Embracing a new research field to solve an age-old problem that has plagued families for generations, Family Reconcile empowers others with resources for reunification, relationship growth, and support.

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