Watergater Valves Reduce Metered Water Consumption Up To 25%

April 01 23:27 2021
Innovative Device Saves on Water Bills.

Watergater Valve of Toronto, Canada has developed an innovative device that when inserted on a user’s side of a water meter, reduces the volume of air passing through. Studies have shown that utility water supply may contain in some cases up to 40% air delivered by volume, that passes through a user’s water meter and counted the same, increasing what users ultimately pay per gallon. Recipients of utility water are paying on average 24.5% more per gallon than they are using.

Watergater Valves reduce the amount of air passing through water meters by means of active compression and converting turbulently delivered water into a state of laminar flow, ensuring a more accurate reading. Testing has shown that the valve is capable of reducing up to 25% air by volume on average from passing through the compression area created by its presence, resulting in a potential 25% savings on water bills. By improving water supply and managing its flow, Watergater Valve strives to offer a simple solution to water conservation and sustainability right at the source; backed by science, and proven by industry.

The company currently offers valves fully installed anywhere in North America, manufactured in all sizes for commercial, industrial and municipal applications, available both for sale and also through a revolutionary savings-sharing rental program at zero overhead costs for qualifying locations. So confident in the product is the company’s management, that they will install it free of charge and split the realized savings with customers. Residential sized valves are expected to be available for sale through retail distribution in the second quarter of 2021. Watergater Valve has over five years of experience working with satisfied clients across an array of industries and applications throughout the United States and Canada.

More information can be found at https://watergater.com/.

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