Build a nest on the cloud to attract famous enterprises and students to share the future

April 01 22:57 2021

On March 29th, the “2021 North American Top Schools Online Job Fair” was opened with nearly 10,000 outstanding Chinese graduates from 23 famous universities in North America, including University of Southern California, Syracuse University, Boston University, Pepperdine University and Ohio State University, as well as many famous international companies. Many famous international companies participated enthusiastically.

The cloud job fair gathered undergraduate and doctoral graduates in many shortage fields such as computer, microelectronics, medicine and health care, technology and data, business and finance, science and mathematics, and information engineering. More than 3,000 priority resumes were received within two days, and the total number of visitors to the event exceeded 20,000. More than 100 leading employers attracted more than 2,000 international students to the event in just half a day on the day of the job fair.

Talent is the driving force of city development, and recruiting Chinese students overseas has become an excellent way for companies to recruit talents. Compared with domestic recruitment, the threshold for cross-border recruitment is higher, which requires not only professional background and language advantage from foreign universities, but also data, experience accumulation, and corporate culture identification, etc. The “2021 North American Top Schools Online Job Fair” aims to help Chinese local enterprises recruit more outstanding talents with international vision, so as to go abroad. The “2021 North America Online Job Fair” aims to help local Chinese companies recruit more outstanding talents with international vision, so that they can go abroad and go international.

As one of the sponsors of this event, Nanjing Jiangbei New Area Research and Innovation Park (JNJIP) provided support in many aspects. There were more than thirty participating companies in the Park, most of which were in the direction of chips, microelectronics and computers, and most of them achieved remarkable results in online recruitment. Ms. Gai said, “The company attaches great importance to this online job fair and has assigned a special recruitment team to be responsible for it. Ltd. Shen manager said that this is the first time to participate in the online form of cross-border job fair, the experience is good, the functions are there, the web page is also relatively smooth, mainly to recruit microelectronics professionals. Nanjing Star Semiconductor recruitment representative introduced to us that Star Semiconductor is a high-tech technology research and development company focusing on 5G universal connectivity chip, and is looking forward to the joining of global talents. Ms. Chen of Nanjing Chuhang Technology Co., Ltd. said that the online interview went smoothly, the students were very positive and their majors were in line with each other. We hope to further communicate with the students to help the company recruit suitable overseas talents…

As an important bridge between enterprises and overseas high-end talents, the “North America Top Schools Offline Job Fair” has been successfully held for four sessions, and each session has achieved remarkable results. In addition to Nanjing enterprises, there are also international famous enterprises including Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Tesla, BYD, Huawei, Xiaomi, BOE, Netease and so on.

The event was also supported by Jiangsu Overseas Chinese Association, Nanjing Gulou Hospital and China-US Science and Technology Innovation Center, etc. Nanjing Gulou Hospital also organized a special recruitment team, which achieved very good results from online exhibition to video promotion and online recruitment.

Nanjing, a beautiful city, is welcoming the “spring blossom” with hard work, openness and tolerance, and we warmly welcome young talents from home and abroad to come here for innovation and entrepreneurship!

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