Reverse Heating Systems Provide Outstanding Benefits

March 25 03:33 2021
Reverse Heating Systems Provide Outstanding Benefits

When the cold weather moves in, there is typically a barrage of calls to companies like AirNow Cooling and Heating. This is because heating systems are neglected throughout the warmer months and then don’t work as expected when turned on during the winter.

A smart option for individuals who want to avoid dealing with this issue year after year is investing in a reverse heating system. While these still require maintenance from professionals like, they provide an array of benefits that make them more than worthwhile. Keep reading to learn what these benefits are.

Benefits Provided by a Reverse Cycle Heating System

If a homeowner knows anything about a reverse cycle system, they know that the main advantage it offers is the ability it has to offer heating and cooling in a single system. Rather than having to install separate systems for heating and cooling a home, it is possible to enjoy powerful heating and cooling with a single system that operates efficiently. This ensures year-round comfort, reduced installation costs, and improved control. Some of the specific benefits offered by these systems are found below.

Superior Energy Efficiency

Who doesn’t want to reduce their energy costs? The good news is that ducted systems will not just help a homeowner save money by reducing costs for installation (since only one system is needed), they are also much more energy efficient. A traditional heater works by “creating” heat. This is a process that uses a lot of energy. However, with the reverse cycle systems, the heat pump principle is used.

Essentially, these transfer warmth from the warm air to the cool air. When it is set on heating mode, it means that warm air is being pulled from the outside and then transferred to the cold indoor air. When it is set to cool mode, the process is switched. Since heat is considered a natural process, it consumes much less power, too.


Some people assume that, when they turn on the ducted heating or cooling system, it will start working on the whole house right away. This seems like a waste of energy if just a few rooms of the house are in use. While this may be the case for older systems, there is more control today thanks to zoning. The zoned ducted reverse cycle system provides homeowners with complete control of their home’s climate. It allows them to open and shut off the zones to help redirect the airflow. It is possible to use a series of gates that are built into the duct system to provide control over what rooms receive the treated air.

Quiet Operation

Is someone looking for air conditioning that allows them to enjoy a quiet and peaceful night’s sleep? With a ducted reverse cycle system, a person has something that is whisper quiet.

If someone is interested in this type of system, they should speak to the team from They can help ensure the right system is selected and used for a house and that the system will provide the benefits mentioned here.

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