Innovative App Securely Hides Intimate Photos with One Tap

June 22 13:15 2019
Innovative App Securely Hides Intimate Photos with One Tap
The Tuck App is revolutionizing photo management trends.

New York, NY – Tuck is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of an innovative app that will enable users to hide intimate photos with one simple tap.

Designed to give users ultimate control over their most intimate photos, Tuck is a tool that scans a user’s library to help manage photos containing nudity.

“It’s no secret that millions of people are taking intimate photos with their cellular devices,” says Alex Osborne, one of Tuck’s developers. “There have been countless celebrities in the news who’ve had their intimate photos leaked to the public. We built this app to help people take full control over who sees them.”

Tuck uses state-of-the-art technology to help users discreetly hide their intimate photos. By training a unique AI algorithm to detect nudity with 92% accuracy, the app processes photos locally on a user’s device. This ensures that the photos never leave you phone and the app is never accessing a user’s data or personal information through the use of a cloud or server.

To use Tuck, users simply download the app and click to scan their camera roll and automatically flag any photos containing nudity. These photos are then stored in an encrypted and secure folder on the device.

Photos never leave the user’s phone as the app uses an offline, internal folder to store intimate photos.

“Our app will be beneficial to anyone who enjoys sharing non-intimate photos with others,” Osborne states. “For example, if grandma wants to see pictures of your trip to Italy, you can easily remove intimate photos from your library with a simple click. Grandma will be none the wiser.”

For more information about the app, or to pre-order on the App Store, please visit the company’s website at Users may also view the company’s FaceBook page, Twitter page, and Instagram account.

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