idea3Di Launches Innovative Eco-Friendly Ice Cooling Device, Geizeer

June 22 12:54 2019
idea3Di Launches Innovative Eco-Friendly Ice Cooling Device, Geizeer
Geizeer is revolutionizing the air conditioning market.

Rome, Italy idea3Di is pleased to announce it has launched a highly innovative cooling device that is revolutionizing the air conditioning market – the Geizeer.

Geizeer is an eco-friendly ice cooling device that utilizes a unique ice pack and DC brushless fan to cool the air better than traditional fans.  The device was developed by Damiano Iannini and Ferdinando Petrella on May 10, 2016, and made its debut on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, raising more than €600.000 during its initial campaign.

“As developers, we made Geizeer because we realized it’s not healthy or possible to use air conditioning units on a frequent basis,” says Iannini.  “Additionally, while fans move the air and give some refreshment, they don’t always do a complete job.”

Geizeer is designed to not only make spaces more comfortable in which to live and work, but is also designed to run on just a few cents a day.  The air cooling device is made of two wood shells, metal finishing frames, rechargeable battery, PCBs with micro USB, DC brushless fan, and a cone shaped ice pack. 

To use Geizeer, simply place the frozen ice pack into the lower half of the cube and place the top half so that the two indicator lights coincide.  There are no on/off buttons to press or wires to be plugged in.  The unique shape of the ice pack enables air to be diffused properly and also prevents overheating. 

In addition to providing users with cool air, the Geizeer also contains a dedicated space to insert diffusers that perfume the environment.

“Geizeer’s development has been long and careful,” says Petrella.  “We have used a variety of different production techniques to create a perfectly functional product, tested to endure heavy use over long periods of time.  It’s a beautifully designed object that will keep you cold during the hottest days, without the risk of a ‘hot bill’ at the end of the month!”

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About the Company

idea3Di was founded in Italy in 2014 with the aim of developing innovative technological products to launch on the international market.  Each idea the company comes up with is studied and designed through the use of new technologies.

In the past few years, idea3Di has grown exponentially and boasts several world patents such as “Enimine – smart bouncing mine” and “Levia – unique levitating marble lamp.”

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