The 7th World Conference on Integrative Medicine

November 29 23:51 2023

“Big Medicine, Big Health, Big Industry!”

The 7th World Conference on Integrative Medicine will be held from December 1st to 3rd, 2023, concurrently at the Guangzhou Canton Fair, Silicon Valley International Medical University in the U.S., and live on

Hosted by the Guangzhou Municipal Government and sponsored by the World Federation of Societies of Integrative Medicine, this global event involves participants from the Americas, Asia, Europe, Australia, and Africa. Thousands of medical experts will convene, making it a significant global medicine gathering.

The 7th World Congress of Integrative Medicine is led by Academician Fan Daiming, Honorary Chairman, and Dr. Wang Yingqiu, Chairman. The conference’s Executive Directors are Dr. Fu Xueli from the United States and Dr. Gao Jinglian from China. The conference has invited notable figures such as Zhang Boli, Yu Mengsun, Shi Xuemin, Li Diangui, Wei Guikang, and other Chinese academicians, along with over 20 traditional Chinese medicine masters. The event boasts participation from more than 50 medical school presidents, 200+ hospital directors, 500+ health and medical companies, 60+ international and domestic venture capital institutions, and experts and scholars from diverse fields gathering in Guangzhou.

The conference, co-organized by 16 institutions, including the Australian Society of Chinese Medicine and the American Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and 30 other institutions, emphasizes integrative medicine’s latest research results and innovative clinical experiences. The theme, “Big Medicine, Big Health, Big Industry,” focuses on three major highlights:

  1. High dimension: Emphasizing the unity of body, mind, spirit, essence, qi, and spirit in the high dimension of medicine, with a focus on disease prevention.
  2. Big picture: Highlighting the integration of traditional Chinese medicine with global medical schools and Western medicine, guided by the principle of the “unity of nature and man.”
  3. Promoting Qigong as a means of “consuming less, saving time, and curing diseases well,” providing global guidance through Internet morning exercises during the conference.

Dr. Wang Yingqiu anticipates that fully launching integrative medicine in China could significantly reduce medical expenses. Director Jiang Dan encourages integrated innovation among medical experts and institutions, leading to the establishment of special forums covering various health topics.

Lu Biao, director of the expert committee, announces that 100 veteran Chinese medicine practitioners will hold free clinics on-site during the conference, offering personalized medical consultation to participants. Zheng Jianhua, vice chairman of the World Federation of Central China and the World Acupuncture Federation, highlights the conference’s alignment with Xi Jinping’s call for strengthened people-to-people exchanges between China and the United States.

The conference has several tracks focusing on various health aspects, including women’s and children’s health, with the purpose of encouraging innovation and cooperation. During the conference, 100 veteran Chinese medicine practitioners will offer free clinics, showcasing the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine globally. The conference aligns with the spirit of strengthening China-U.S. people-to-people exchanges and has garnered support from various medical communities worldwide.

The Organizing Committee expresses gratitude to major media organizations, especially Global Dragon TV, for their strong support and hopes that the 7th World Congress of Integrative Medicine becomes a grand event, making significant contributions to the global exchange and development of integrative medicine. Co-chairmen unanimously agree on the conference’s commitment to becoming a cornerstone in the global medical conference landscape.

Co-chairmen Zhu Miansheng, Yu Shuguang, Zhang Chunxiang, Fang Bangjiang, Tian Haihe, Huang Guojian, Zhu Zhenggao, Lu Zhipeng, Lu Shengchun, Zeng Lipin, Chen Jingkun and others unanimously agreed that the 7th World Congress of Integrative Medicine is committed to becoming a grand event of global medical conferences and promoting The Global Medical Congress has made important contributions to the exchange and development of integrative medicine.The conference is open for online and offline registration at

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