MORSE CHAT Ecosystem Summit Concludes: Initiating a New Era of Encrypted Social Finance

September 27 17:24 2023

Enter SocialFi: The Next Era of Social Networking

With the development of global Web3, the emergence of the SocialFi social finance model presents a new opportunity. Alongside this trend, a European application called MORSE (MORSECHAT) has attracted over 140,000 users globally in a short period after its launch, making social economics more accessible and profitable.

After downloading MORSECHAT, users can earn profits by promoting the MORSE community ecosystem. There are more than ten ways to generate income, including DAO community rewards, evangelism rewards, behavioral power rewards, referral bonuses, and more. This means that users can appreciate the value of digital assets through social activities, maximizing the economic potential of social interactions with low entry barriers. Additionally, they can join the MORSE community and engage with users globally.

MORSE is not just a social platform; it’s an extensive ecosystem. As a global encrypted social DAO ecosystem, it encompasses various domains such as socializing, education, conferences, training, and features an independent Morse DEX, as well as the MorsePools application ecosystem, providing users with a diverse range of applications and experiences.

MORSE 2.0: The MORSE ecosystem game “Eternal Harvest”

The MORSE ecosystem game “Eternal Harvest” was launched at the September 2023 ecosystem conference. It’s a creative game world based on blockchain technology, combining elements of adventure, strategy, and collection to offer users an immersive experience in the “Veggieverse” (vegetable universe). Players take on the roles of these vegetable heroes, leading them through various fantastical scenes, unlocking skills, collecting resources, battling enemies, ultimately defeating the dark forces, and saving Veggieville. Additionally, players will possess unique NFT heroes. Through strategic combat and city construction, players will gain enriching gaming experiences.

MORSE Pioneers the Revolutionary NFT Market “POOOLSE”

Additionally, the MORSE ecosystem launched a groundbreaking NFT market called “POOOLSE” in October 2023. Developed jointly by Morse and Tradensea, POOOLSE perfectly integrates NFTs with AI quantified trading. It entrusts trading entirely to AI quantification robots, eliminating risks and trade thresholds. Users need only trade NFTs to enjoy the resulting benefits.

MORSE: The Dark Horse in the Encrypted Social Networking Sphere

In May 2021, MORSE was quietly launched in Europe. After over two years of dedicated development, it now boasts over 140,000 users globally, and its influence continues to expand. MORSE not only allows users to grow their income through social interactions while ensuring user data autonomy and control but also offers a low entry barrier and user-friendly operations.

The European founding team of MORSE consists of professionals with rich experience in fintech and blockchain industries. They are collectively committed to creating an open, secure, and efficient SocialFi platform, providing users with an unprecedented social experience and WEB3 services.

MORSE’s global CBD Zoli once stated, “MORSE’s vision is to make this product the ‘Morse Code’ of modern instant messaging—a trusted network. Through economic incentive models, MORSE achieves user-driven development and community co-construction. Users not only create data in Morse but also create value and enjoy long-term value dividends generated by data.”

As a WEB3 application, MORSE prioritizes security and privacy. It employs end-to-end encryption technology, ensuring that only senders and receivers can decrypt and access user communications. This means that even Morse itself cannot access the content of user communications, providing users with the highest level of privacy protection.

MORSE firmly believes that decentralization is the future trend. Its underlying protocol adopts the Matrix open-source, interactive, and decentralized communication protocol, ensuring that social interactions are not controlled by a single entity. This provides users with more autonomy and control.

Today, the MORSE ecosystem conference marks MORSE’s official entry into the 2.0 era. With its forward-thinking product model and robust ecosystem, MORSE will provide users with a secure, efficient, and diverse SocialFi experience, continuously injecting new vitality into the WEB3 world.

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