MORSE CHAT Ecosystem Hong Kong Summit Ends Successfully: Launches SocialFi 2.0 Era

September 27 17:21 2023

The MORSE (MORSECHAT) Ecosystem Summit held in Hong Kong concluded on September 16, 2023, marking a successful milestone.

MORSE (MORSECHAT) is a SocialFi platform developed by a European team. In less than two years, it has garnered over 140,000 users worldwide with its concept of secure chatting and easy earnings.

This summit signifies MORSE’s official entry into the 2.0 era. What new changes can people expect from MORSE? Let’s delve into the core highlights of this Ecosystem Summit.

The summit introduced two ecosystem products, “Eternal Harvest” and “POOOLSE”:

1.MORSE Ecosystem Game “Eternal Harvest” NFT Debut

The “Eternal Harvest” team hails entirely from Europe and aims to revolutionize the current gaming world with WEB3 and blockchain technology. Csaba and Dia, the heads of the “Eternal Harvest” team, introduced the story and unique gameplay of Eternal Harvest, unveiling the immense potential for gaming earnings.

“Eternal Harvest” is based on blockchain technology and a creatively rich gaming world. It combines elements of adventure, strategy, and collection, providing users with an immersive experience in the “Veggieverse.” Players take on the roles of vegetable heroes, leading them through various fantastical scenes, unlocking skills, collecting resources, battling enemies, and ultimately defeating the forces of darkness to save Veggieville. Additionally, players will possess unique NFT heroes. Through strategic battles and city-building, players will gain a richer gaming experience.

Eternal Harvest Tokenomics:

The total token supply for Eternal Harvest is 10 billion. These tokens will be reasonably distributed across various sectors including the game world, liquidity pool, company treasury, private sale, public sale, and partnerships to ensure the stability of the game ecosystem. The goal is not only to reward players but to facilitate continuous ecosystem development, maintain market liquidity, foster strong partner relationships, and ensure the project’s long-term vitality. Hence, it’s a win-win for every participant!

Early NFT Introductions:

Warrior Hero NFT:

Each warrior hero NFT in the game will lead a specific troop of soldiers, serving as the backbone of the army. Each vegetable has its unique advantages and disadvantages in terms of soldier types.

City Hero:

The more city hero NFTs a player owns, the faster their settlement grows. Owning these unique NFTs unlocks the player’s full potential in strategic battles and city construction.

Collectible Tokens:

Players can collect tokens through these hero NFTs. Eternal Harvest has specially curated a set of unique hero NFTs for MORSE users. Owning these heroes unlocks some very cool perks, such as a special MORSE weapon and the MORSE building in Veggieville.

2.MORSE Pioneers the Revolutionary NFT Marketplace “POOOLSE”

POOOLSE is a groundbreaking NFT marketplace jointly created by Morse and Tradensea. It seamlessly integrates NFTs with AI-powered quantitative trading, offering users up to three times the returns. Trading is entirely handled by AI quantitative robots, eliminating risks and entry thresholds. Users only need to trade NFTs to enjoy the underlying returns. Arnold, the head of “POOOLSE,” along with EDU DAO Mickey, will reveal more details about the POOOLSE launch.

6 NFTs Unveiled at the Launch:

The summit unveiled six NFTs of different values, namely NFT#1 BELLA; NFT#2 MAX; NFT#3 RYU; NFT#4 RUDY; NFT#5 KIRA; NFT#6 REMY. Each NFT can yield up to three times the returns.

Membership Level Reward Mechanism:

Purchasing different quantities of NFTs will activate different levels of membership bonuses. Different levels of members will receive different percentages of transaction profit bonuses.

NFT Sale Schedule:

POOOLSE plans to debut on various major app markets on October 10, 2023, for the official NFT sale.

More Highlights from the MORSE Ecosystem Summit:

MORSE CBD Zoli shared the overall development and strategic layout of MORSE and its ecosystem. As a SocialFi application with over 140,000 users, MORSE is officially entering the 2.0 era, fully committed to building the global encrypted social DAO ecosystem, injecting new vitality into the entire industry.

Mr. Liang, MORSE’s Asia Chief Strategist, provided a comprehensive analysis of MORSE’s economic model. The breakthroughs MORSE has achieved in the SocialFi field are inseparable from its economic model, providing the community with unprecedented opportunities and incentives, enabling MORSE to create endless possibilities!

MORSE also invited Mr. Davin Wu, CFO of BC Technology Group and OSL, to elucidate the new opportunities in digital finance in Hong Kong, while discussing the significant role OSL Exchange plays in DAO community development.

The success of this summit is attributed to MORSE’s value-driven products, gaining the trust of users. The atmosphere at the summit was lively and warm, with active interaction between MORSE’s guests and the audience, infusing the entire event with passion and vitality. Moreover, the groundbreaking new product releases from MORSE in this summit will bring fresh investment opportunities.

Simultaneously, this summit is expected to draw attention and coverage from over 500 global media outlets, collectively witnessing MORSE ushering in a new era of SocialFi on a global scale.

About MORSE:

MORSE is a globally leading SocialFi platform dedicated to integrating social and financial aspects, creating an entirely new social experience for users, while providing a secure and efficient trading environment. After over two years of dedicated refinement, MORSE now boasts over 140,000 users worldwide, with its influence continually expanding. Through innovative technology and a unique mission, MORSE is reshaping the future of SocialFi.

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