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September 19 12:30 2023
21DayHero.com unveils its carefully researched top six picks for the best intermittent fasting apps.

21DayHero.com is a renowned wellness and lifestyle brand, releasing its latest article on the ‘Top 6 Intermittent Fasting Apps’. This comprehensive guide explores the world of intermittent fasting and highlights the top apps that can assist individuals on their journey toward better health and well-being.

Intermittent Fasting: A Lifestyle Change Accessible to Everyone 

Intermittent fasting has gained popularity as an effective approach to improving health, managing weight, and promoting overall well-being. 21DayHero recognizes the growing interest in this lifestyle choice and aims to provide valuable insights into the best apps available to support intermittent fasting enthusiasts.

Intermittent fasting offers a multitude of benefits, including weight management, customized meal plans, anti-aging advantages, improved heart health, reduced diabetes risk, and enhanced digestive health through autophagy. It’s a lifestyle that delivers remarkable results, as demonstrated by countless success stories, including the founder of 21DayHero.com, Jason Krul, who lost 20 pounds on his journey to a healthier weight. Krul first adopted intermittent fasting when health issues sparked him to switch up his lifestyle. Now, he’s on a mission to educate others about its life-enhancing benefits.

Jason Krul uses his own experience with Intermittent Fasting to inspire and guide others on their path to wellness. Speaking to Krul himself, “In today’s digital age, having the right tools at your fingertips can significantly enhance your intermittent fasting experience. Our article helps highlight the top-notch apps that can help users stay on track, monitor progress, and stay motivated throughout their fasting journey.”

A Comprehensive Guide to the Top 6 Intermittent Fasting Apps

While the merits of intermittent fasting are well-documented, the key to its success often lies in efficient tracking and monitoring of one’s progress. To address this need, 21DayHero.com has identified and reviewed the best intermittent fasting apps available in 2023.

According to the article, ‘DoFasting’ has claimed the coveted title of the 2023 Overall Winner, impressing users with its all-encompassing features, including fasting tracking, in-app meal plans, visual food diaries, workouts, and multiple diet types. ‘Lasta’ secured the second spot, offering tracking, meal plans, workout guidance, and effective weight goal tracking. 

For fasting beginners, ‘SoonFasting’ was hailed as the best app for beginners in 2023, introducing innovative health tracking features and expert coaching. In fourth place, ‘Zero’ offers flexibility in fasting types and valuable information. 

‘LIFE Fasting Tracker’ enables comprehensive tracking and community engagement through their in-app feature, Circles. Lastly, ‘FastHabit’ excels in habit-building with past fasting stats and reminders.

21DayHero.com‘s article details these top intermittent fasting apps, ensuring viewers are armed with comprehensive information to make informed decisions. The article delves into each app’s features, functionality, and benefits, leaving no stone unturned. It provides a holistic understanding of how these apps can elevate the intermittent fasting experience.

Readers not only gain knowledge about the apps but also have the opportunity to subscribe via the trial offers provided through the links in the article. The article’s exclusive links allow users to experience the apps’ full potential with discounted rates and even money-back guarantees. While all the aforementioned apps are available on Google Play on iOS and Android, health enthusiasts must pay the standard pricing without any special discounts.


21DayHero.com is a leading health and wellness website that offers various meal plans and fasting tips. Their new article on the ‘Top 6 Intermittent Fasting Apps’ is an in-depth exploration of the apps’ unique features, helping users find the perfect companion to achieve their health goals. By delving deep into the features of these apps, the article empowers readers to make informed decisions that align with their fasting goals.

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