Hatch & Co Consulting Embarks on a Trailblazing Journey with Unrivaled Expertise in Business Consultation

June 01 09:03 2023

St. Petersburg, FL – In a thrilling development within the business consulting landscape, Hatch & Co Consulting marks its debut, signifying a radical paradigm shift in the delivery of industry-tailored consultation services. Resplendent with the vigor of its women-led team, this new enterprise injects a much-needed dose of diversity and innovation into the startup world.

This innovative venture, the brainchild of Hilary Johnson, Founder & CEO of Hatch Tribe, is rooted in a revitalizing philosophy. Johnson succinctly conveys this ethos: “While business concepts are plentiful, truly thriving enterprises are rare. Our mission is to guide enterprises from the domain of the ordinary to the sphere of extraordinary success.”

Evolving as a lighthouse of transformative business counsel, Hatch & Co Consulting is the result of the profound experience and wisdom of five proficient consultants. Their qualifications are enhanced not only by their broad advisory experience but also by their rich portfolio as accomplished entrepreneurs. This distinct blend of consultancy and hands-on business experience affords them a deeper understanding of the unique challenges businesses face, making their advice pragmatically insightful.

Breaking away from conventional consulting practices, Hatch & Co Consulting puts forward a forward-thinking strategy. Rather than deploying a single consultant, the firm promotes a collaborative approach, offering a diverse group of experts. This methodology is designed to equip startups with a comprehensive and all-encompassing toolkit to confidently navigate their growth and scalability.

Making up the dynamic team at Hatch & Co Consulting are: Hilary Johnson, a master in Business Growth Strategy & Executive Leadership; Phyllis Brasenell, an expert in Content Creation & Digital Marketing; Sunny Dublick, a virtuoso in Marketing & Brand Strategy; Cheryl Heller, a guru in Strategic Finance & Operations; and Jaime Cahalan, a specialist in Business Strategy & Operations. They have worked with a roster of noteworthy clients, including Molson Coors, Hanes Brands, The Philadelphia 76ers, Capital One, and Hive Wealth, gaining valuable experience before unifying under the Hatch & Co Consulting banner.

Their services span crucial stages in a business’s lifecycle. From nascent start-ups grappling with growth obstacles, to mature businesses navigating the complexities of scaling, and even those contemplating an exit strategy, Hatch & Co Consulting emerges as a precious ally, ensuring smooth transitions between these stages.

Hatch & Co Consulting is proud to be a sister company to Hatch Tribe, a preeminent business coaching, mastermind, and business retreat company that was established in 2016.

Explore more about the team and their areas of expertise on the official website: https://www.hatchandco.co

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