Echoes of Ambition: Unraveling the Melodious Story of Hussy

May 31 01:34 2023
Echoes of Ambition: Unraveling the Melodious Story of Hussy

For many youngsters who are trying to achieve the ultimate goal of stardom there is one major driving force that pushes them; passion. The desire to strive for greatness through hard work and dedication is the bedrock for every talent looking to sign their name in history.

Akinsola Usman Olamide who is also known popularly be his moniker; Hussy on the music scene is an Afro pop artiste who hails from Ogun state.

The Nigeria-born afro pop singer and song writer has a drive for greatness and this is evident in the amount of effort and passion the youngster displays whilst creating his songs with the thought of his fans as a priority. Growing up in Ogun state, the fro pop talent has a knack for Fuji music and life band and has infused them perfectly into his music, thereby delivering a blend of afro and Fuji together.

Hussy is an unsigned artist who is part of a band called the Butterfly Gang which already has a number of songs that can best be classified as street favorites. Although been in a band for long having gained so much awareness and experience the afro pop youngster is looking to further move his career after releasing his latest song late last year titled, “Hello”. The break through song has more positives about it and is still making waves amongst fans and music lovers till date.

Hussy first attempt as a musician started as a teenager, representing on any platform the youngster can find available; from churches to schools and even in bands to contest for several festive competitions. The afro pop prodigy has continued to impress from level to level, acquiring experience in music production and song writing. In the butterfly gang which the youngster is still a part of has attained a celebrity level on the domestic music scene and that is largely due to the youngsters’ contribution to the band which he loves so much.

Hello can be identified as a stepping stone for Hussy as a result of all the positives attached with the song and the wide spread recognition which the single have acquired in the short space of its release, drawing attention street wise and amongst the domestic music sphere. Hussy hardwork and dedication seems to have found a new level as the afro pop wiz kid embarks on a solo acquisition of stardom and music making.

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