SEA you in Guangdong-Coral spawning livestream garners 200M views

May 31 03:57 2023

THE 72-hour underwater livestream capturing coral spawning in the Dapeng sea area have attracted 200 million views, the organizers, Dute News app and Blue Fins, a marine environmental protection agency, announced Saturday.

The extraordinary marine event, which occurs mostly once a year, was widely covered by over 180 different levels of media outlets and news platforms.

During the livestream that ended Saturday, Zhang Yuyang, a deputy researcher from the Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Matteo Convertino, an associate professor at the Institute of Environment and Ecology of Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School, shared their insights into coral spawning and the ocean with the viewers.

The livestream is an important event of the series SEA You in Guangdong: Along the coastline, which Dute News app had started April 22 to introduce Guangdong’s coastal and marine ecology through undersea livestreaming, aerial videography, video footage and themed reports.

Coral spawning requires a strict water temperature environment and generally happens at around 9 p.m. when temperatures and tidal conditions are appropriate.

During the livestream, the divers plunged into the waters of Dapeng Peninsula and ventured beneath the sea with a hand-held, customized camera to capture real-time footage of the undesea spectacle to the audience. The experts in the studio introduced spawning and knowledge about the ocean.

On Wednesday night, the first night of the spawning livestream, a diver from Blue Fins captured the spawning of corals at around 9:16 p.m. and immediately attracted attention from viewers.

In the livestream studio Thursday, Zhang said it was rare to witness the magnificent spawning, which can only happen with sheer luck. He was impressed with the public’s enthusiasm to participate in the livestream and stay overnight for the event.

Convertino said that the livestream made the people feel the beauty, fragility and pricelessness of the corals, and improved the public’s awareness on marine protection.

(by Han Ximin)

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