Infraon’s DEX to help Companies Build a Powerful Culture of Innovation

May 31 00:06 2023
Infraon’s DEX to help Companies Build a Powerful Culture of Innovation
Infraon’s new Digital Employee Experience product (DEX) to help companies build a powerful culture of innovation

SAN FRANCISCO – May 29, 2023 – Infraon, a leading global provider of ITOPs products, has announced that it is close to launching Infraon DEX (Digital Employee Experience) – a broad range of solutions to help users effortlessly work, collaborate, and be more productive in digital workplaces. The company highlighted the ability to help build a culture of innovation as one of Infraon DEX’s key differentiators.

Infraon DEX will let employees use automated workflows, manage incidents and issues, securely access data, and more – accessible through a single, powerful, real-time dashboard. Hence, they can work more efficiently and unleash their potential for creative thinking, which would help the company accelerate and sustain growth in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.  Some of Infraon DEX’s innovation-centric benefits are:

Break down geographical barriers to allow employees to connect and collaborate

Ensure every digital touch-point is user-friendly, intuitive, and personalized 

Build a sense of digital ownership and autonomy 

Free employees from performing repetitive and mundane tasks Simplify user tasks (leave requests, expense management, document sharing, etc.)

Incubate a culture of creative thinking by facilitating idea-sharing, and brainstorming 

Advocate easy knowledge sharing by helping tap into a wealth of digital information Analyze various data sources to enhance how employees work 

Make it easier for employees to share feedback, suggestions, and concerns “It’s crucial first to recognize the employee-related challenges of digital transformation.

These include ineffective digital tools, disparate data sources, resistance to change, and lack of leadership support. Only then can companies establish a culture of meaningful digital employee experiences. After all, the fact is that DEX empowers employees to work efficiently, adapt to unexpected transformations, and achieve their full potential in the modern workplace. Some of the other employee-facing DEX advantages are,” said Arun Prasath R, Founder of Infraon Corp.

Infraon DEX currently features the following modules:  Digital Employee Experience Measurement: Measure employee experiences based on usage, sentiments, and personas. Automated Data Insights for Elevated IT Services: Automate the generation of data insights on performance issues and eliminate current/future digital roadblocks. Software & IT Asset Management: Streamline all asset endpoints, better handle licenses, and easily manage compliance. Digital Employee Experience Consulting: Build a continuously improving digital workplace with globalized employees.

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Infraon Corp provides an integrated SaaS-based product suite to help enterprises of all sizes and telecom service providers automate their digital transformation journeys. Infraon brings over two decades of specialized domain experience in the I&O landscape.   

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