What Are The Most Common Problems With PDUs, And How To Avoid Them?

May 30 15:06 2023

PDUs (Power Distribution Units) are devices that distribute electrical power to multiple devices within a data center or server room. While PDUs are generally reliable, they can experience some common problems. Here are a few of them and some tips to help people avoid them:

1,Overloading: Overloading occurs when the total power demand of the connected devices exceeds the PDU’s rated capacity. This can lead to overheating, tripped circuit breakers, or even fire hazards. To avoid overloading, consider the following:

*Determine the power requirements of people’s devices and ensure they don’t exceed the PDU’s capacity.

*Distribute the load evenly across multiple PDUs if necessary.

*Regularly monitor the power consumption and make adjustments as needed.

When people customize their PDU, they can install an overload protector on PDU, such as Newsunn German Type Power Distribution Unit with overload protector.

Overload protector
Germany PDU

2, Poor Cable Management: Improper cable management can lead to cable strain, accidental disconnections, or blocked airflow, which can cause power interruptions or equipment failures. To prevent cable-related issues:* Organize and label cables properly to minimize strain and facilitate troubleshooting.* Use cable management accessories such as cable ties, racks, and cable channels to maintain a neat and organized setup.* Regularly inspect and maintain cable connections to ensure they are secure.

3, Environmental Factors: PDUs can be affected by environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and dust. Extreme temperatures or high humidity levels can damage the PDU components or lead to malfunction. To mitigate these factors:* Ensure the data center or server room has proper cooling and ventilation systems in place.* Monitor and maintain the temperature and humidity within the recommended ranges.* Regularly clean the PDU and surrounding areas to prevent dust accumulation.

4, Lack of Redundancy: Single points of failure can be a significant problem if a PDU fails. To avoid this:* Consider using redundant PDUs or dual power feeds for critical equipment.* Implement automatic failover systems or backup power sources like UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).

5, Compatibility Issues: Ensure that the PDU is compatible with the power requirements and connectors of their devices. Mismatched voltage, socket types, or insufficient outlets can cause connectivity problems. Review the specifications and consult with experts if needed.

6, Lack of Monitoring: Without proper monitoring, it’s challenging to identify potential issues or track power consumption patterns. To address this:* Utilize PDUs with built-in monitoring capabilities or consider using power monitoring devices.* Implement power management software that allows them to monitor, manage, and track power usage, temperature, and other metrics.* Monitored PDU becomes more and more popular for the data centers. People can monitor the total PDU or each outlet remotely, and take accordant measurements. Newsunn supplies the OEM for monitered PDU.


Regular maintenance, inspections, and proactive monitoring are crucial for identifying and resolving potential problems with PDUs. Additionally, it’s recommended to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines and industry best practices for specific PDU models and configurations.

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