The “5G+Wi-Fi 6” solution by Quectel enables a dual acceleration, providing users with a more cost-effective connectivity experience.

May 30 14:58 2023

In recent years, there has been a surge in demand for high-speed broadband connections, which has placed higher demands on network transmission rates, stability, and latency. In today’s world where being without a network connection is almost intolerable, 5G CPE solutions that are plug-and-play and do not require a broadband connection have garnered widespread attention.

In some sparsely populated overseas markets, due to high costs, long installation cycles, routing planning, and private land ownership, many areas can only rely on wireless communication. Even in economically developed Europe, the fiber optic coverage rate can only reach 30%. In the domestic market, although the fiber optic coverage rate has reached 90%, plug-and-play 5G CPE still has significant advantages for factories, shops, chain stores, and small and micro enterprises.


Driven by the demand both domestically and internationally, the 5G CPE has gradually entered a fast lane of development. In light of the vast development space in the 5G CPE market, Shandong YOFC IoT Technology Co., Ltd. (YOFC IoT), an industrial IoT software and hardware solution provider, has launched its first self-developed commercial 5G CPE product, the U200. It is reported that the product adopts the moving and remote 5G+Wi-Fi 6 solution and boasts powerful performance and outstanding advantages, which can help users quickly deploy high-speed networks.

5G CPE, as a type of 5G terminal device, can receive 5G signals transmitted by mobile operators’ base stations, and then convert them into Wi-Fi signals or wired signals, allowing more local devices (such as smartphones, tablets, computers and so on) to connect to the network.

ZBT can provide a 5G+Wi-Fi 6 solution by combining with MTK’s 5G module, which greatly reduces development time and cost for customers. This solution optimizes both software and hardware design, allowing for improved soft-AP function and throughput performance, as well as stable and reliable network connectivity with coexistence of Wi-Fi and cellular.


Under the empowerment of the MindSpore 5G+Wi-Fi 6 solution, the Z8102AX supports all networks of Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and China Broadcasting, and supports SA/NSA, as well as backward compatibility with 4G networks.

In terms of network speed, the Z8102AX provides a peak downlink rate of 2.2 Gbps, which is comparable to that of Gigabit broadband in terms of network experience. The measured downlink speed can reach up to 625 Mbps, while the uplink speed can reach up to 118 Mbps.

In addition, the Z8102AX supports dual-frequency Wi-Fi, and has strong wall-penetrating performance. It can support up to 32 Wi-Fi clients at the same time, and its coverage range is also very wide, with a coverage radius of 40 meters indoors and 500 meters in open areas, which can flexibly meet the user’s needs for Internet access in different scenarios.

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