Empowering Medical Digital Intelligence Upgrade: ZHAOWEI Provided Smart Medical Solutions in the 87th CMEF

May 30 16:15 2023

ZHAOWEI was thrilled to be participating in the 87th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Known as China’s foremost manufacturer of micro-drive systems, ZHAOWEI specialize in the design, development, and manufacturing of precision transmission systems. This time,ZHAOWEI showcased the latest innovations, demonstrating the wide range of applications of micro-drive systems in various fields such as testing equipment, surgical instruments, and syringe disposals. ZHAOWEI aims to highlight the exceptional ability in empowering medical digital intelligence upgrade, emphasizing ZHAOWEI ’s commitment to the medical industry’s growth.

High-precision transmission system enables medical application upgrade

ZHAOWEI is determined to achieve mass production of 3.4mm micro gearboxes, and to make it happen, ZHAOWEI has taken on the development direction of “precision, micro and ultra-thin” to overcome the technical difficulties that high-precision transmission systems pose in various fields, particularly the medical industry. ZHAOWEI eagerly anticipated in this year’s fair and showcased the innovation and advancements. Visitors had the opportunity to witness the revolutionary micro-drive systems designed for imaging diagnostic equipment and fully automated liquid workstations in testing equipment application fields.

ZHAOWEI has been fully understood the miniaturization and intelligence trend in imaging diagnostic equipment. It has adopted a planetary gear system towards achieving high gear ratios in a compact design with minimal backlash. The output shaft end is controlled to ensure a return difference of less than 0.5 degrees. This innovative system has been successfully applied in high-precision surgical robots for rotation mechanisms, making precise angle control a reality.

The main challenge in upgrading liquid workstations is achieving automated control technology. ZHAOWEI has tackled this obstacle head-on to ensure fully automatic opening and capping of the entire lid-cover, reduce sample processing time, and increase sample throughput in the workflow. ZHAOWEI ’s micro drive solution for fully automated liquid workstation is driven by a software control board, which enables the board to control the forward and reverse rotations of the motor. The DC metal brush motor is connected with a planetary gearbox that performs a rotation action of the tube cap. Besides, the output shaft can be customized and designed to be compatible with multiple brands of machine sample tube type.

Micro drive system combines high performance and safety function

Committed to the field of smart medical for over a decade, ZHAOWEI not only strives to meet the high-precision and high-performance requirements of medical instrument parts while keeping in mind the conditions that doctors face when performing surgeries where they need to highly concentrate. This year’s CMEF showcased ZHAOWEI ’s innovative functions that emphasize low noise, stable operation, and anti-vibration. Exhibit highlights include the stapler drive system, wound-cleaning pump system, and micro-drive system for bone drill. ZHAOWEI has made impressive strides in developing these technologies to meet the demands of the field of smart medical technology.

Committed to the field of micro-drive to create a smarter and better life,” this is the mission and vision that ZHAOWEI has been sticking to for the past 22 years. With years of experience in developing and designing micro drive systems in the field of smart medical, ZHAOWEI has observed that some medical products fall short in prioritizing a positive user experience for patients. For example, some insulin pumps in the market might not be intelligent enough to satisfy the demand of injecting certain dose of insulin at a particular time. It is ZHAOWEI ’s goal to promote more revolutionary innovations in this field.

As the smart medical industry rapidly expands, ZHAOWEI is committed to promoting medical digital intelligence by consistently providing micro-drive systems solutions. ZHAOWEI ’s advanced technology and expertise in the industry has positioned ZHAOWEI as a leader in micro-drive technology.

With the 87th CMEF serving as a platform for exchange and communication, ZHAOWEI is excited to establish and cultivate further business relationships with customers worldwide. 

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