Creative Biolabs Accelerates the Development of Innovative Cancer Treatment Strategies

May 26 18:24 2023
Creative Biolabs is committed to accelerating the development of innovative strategies for cancer treatment, driven by its vision of creating a healthier world. To facilitate cancer treatment research, the company has launched a range of services, including ICI development services and iPSC-derived cell development services.

New York, USA – May 26, 2023 – Cancer is a complex and challenging disease that has affected countless individuals worldwide. Through the collaborative efforts of international researchers, various forms of cancer treatment, such as checkpoint inhibitor therapy and stem cell therapy, have been developed and proven effective for different types of cancer. However, the quest for better ways to diagnose, treat, and eliminate cancer while minimizing side effects continues. Creative Biolabs remains dedicated to supporting cancer therapy studies by providing comprehensive services and innovative solutions.

In its commitment to improving immune checkpoint inhibitor (ICI) therapy, Creative Biolabs offers multiple services related to ICI biomarkers, including biomarker development and assays.

“Assessing the effectiveness and safety of ICI therapy is crucial, and developing translational biomarker assays for ICIs plays a vital role in stimulating the immune system’s response against malignant cells,” according to an expert at Creative Biolabs.

To aid clients in identifying and validating biomarkers for ICI therapy, Creative Biolabs provides a diverse range of biomarker assays, including immunophenotyping, cytokine profiling, gene expression analysis, and functional assays.

On the other hand, stem cells for cancer treatment are extensively employed in the field of oncology, particularly for the management of hematological malignancies. Creative Biolabs has been involved in advancing stem cell therapy development for years, offering high-quality products and solutions in the field of stem cell therapy development.

“We work in iPSC therapy development, and we expect our comprehensive iPSC therapy development solutions will contribute to research breakthroughs in the near future,” the scientist added.

To promote novel stem cell therapy development, Creative Biolabs has cleverly established advanced platforms to generate and analyze immune cells derived from iPSCs and provides a series of custom iPSC services, such as custom iPSC-derived macrophage services, custom iPSC-derived NK cell services, and custom iPSC-derived T cell services.

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Creative Biolabs is a US-based biotech company specializing in facilitating the development of immunotherapy and stem cell therapy. Leveraging its extensive knowledge and experience in cancer therapy research and development, Creative Biolabs strives to deliver superior and affordable services that cater to the varied requirements of clients across the globe.

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