Pet Perennials Presents Paw-some Gifts to Strengthen Business Bonds

May 17 22:36 2023
Building and maintaining strong relationships with customers and employees is critical to the success of any business. Pet Perennials, a company specializing in personalized pet memorial gifts, recognizes the importance of acknowledging important milestones in the lives of customers and employees, particularly those involving their pets.

By sending a thoughtful, personalized pet-themed gift, businesses can make a lasting impression and strengthen their relationship with their customers and employees.

According to a recent survey, 68% of Americans own pets, meaning that most businesses likely have customers and employees who are pet owners. Pet Perennials believe that acknowledging pet-related milestones, such as the loss of a beloved pet or the arrival of a new furry family member, can be a significant way to connect with these individuals on a deeper level.

Recognizing Pet Loss with Personalized Gift Packages

The grief one feels from the loss of a pet can be difficult, yet this experience provides an opportunity to connect with a customer on a much deeper level while making a lasting impression. Pet Perennials encourages businesses to consider sending a personalized gift package to a customer or employee who is grieving the loss of a beloved companion. The company’s pet sympathy gifts, which include a DiY wildflower gardening kit and memorial candles, can provide comfort and solace during this difficult time.

Pet Perennials’ gift experiences are not limited to pet loss. Businesses can also acknowledge other milestones, such as an employee’s new addition to their family, both human and furry. By congratulating them with a gift acknowledging their love for their two- and four-legged babies, businesses can create a positive impression and foster goodwill among their employees.

Gift Perks: Elevating Business Relationships through Personalized Gifts

Pet Perennials encourages businesses to register for a Gift Perks account, which is specifically designed for businesses to send personalized pet-themed gifts to their customers and employees at discounted prices. By doing so, businesses can show their appreciation for their customers and employees and strengthen their relationships with them.

To order Pet Perennials’ pet sympathy gifts or to register for a free Gift Perks account, visit their website at For more information, contact [email protected] or 855-573-3887.

About Pet Perennials

Pet Perennials is a Direct to Consumer brand and pet product company that offers unique pet centric gifts founded by Remy Bibaud and Lori Davidson.

Emerging from their own experiences with love and loss, Remy & Lori created an easy way to shop and send thoughtful, personalized gift packages to families going through similar experiences.

It began with their custom memorial flower product, aptly named the “Pet Perennials Kit.” The DIY gardening kit generates new life from the love of a pet through the sowing and growing of perennial wildflower seed wafers. Their story and gift offerings bloomed from there. 

Recognizing that pets are a primary source of happiness, Pet Perennials expanded its gift options to help celebrate the many milestones’ people share with their pets.

“We’re always looking for unique products to help pets and people celebrate together,” said Lori Davidson. “Finding a fun way to include pet milestone celebrations into a family’s routine – while enriching the relationship between buyer and recipient is truly a win-win for us.”

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