Franklin H. Ezenwa Helps People Find Joy and Fulfillment by Stepping into Their True Identity

May 04 14:33 2023
Life coach, speaker, and IT professional Franklin H. Ezenwa unveils his new book titled “The Identity Manual.”

With the advent of social media, people find themselves easily getting envious of the seemingly perfect life of their friends, celebrities, or influencers who post about their good life on different social networks. This phenomenon leads to comparing oneself to others, leaving one to question their identity.

Franklin H. Ezenwa, a life coach, speaker, and IT professional, knows this all too well. Having been through the struggles of identity crisis in the past, Ezenwa developed strategies and practices that will help others overcome their struggles through his coaching services at

Ezenwa guides people to create their own definition of success so they won’t go after the world’s version of it, which will only leave them unfulfilled. “At the end of the day, everyone’s in pursuit of joy and fulfillment and that comes when we step into our true identity andpurpose – this produces the confidence to live unapologetically in the key areas of lives,” he said.

To guide self-starters in finding their true identity, Ezenwa recently launched his new book “The Identity Manual: How To Define Your True Identity, Escape The Identity Crisis & Find Fulfillment.” In the book, he gives his advice on how people can discover their strengths, gifts, and talents, handle identity crisis, and more.

Jumpstart the journey to self-discovery by visiting Ezenwa’s coaching site and signing up for a one-on-one session today. Individuals can also check out his two other books on the website.

About Franklin H. Ezenwa

Franklin H. Ezenwa is a life coach, speaker, and IT professional dedicated to helping professionals to achieve their goals (both personal & professional) and to be their best versions. His main focus is helping his clients increase their income and quality of life so they can live a life of purpose and fulfillment. Ezenwa has authored three books, namely “Be a High Achiever,” “Crack The Dream Job Code,” and “The Identity Manual.”

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