ADHD Coaching for College Students – A Proven Approach to Navigating the Complexities of Higher Learning

May 02 16:48 2023
Untapped Learning has helped countless neurodiverse students tackle learning through its individualized paired mentorship approach with tangible results.

Pursuing higher education can have its challenges, especially for the estimated 15% of children who are neurodiverse. While some progressive colleges have worked hard to embrace more inclusive academics and social resources, it’s far from the norm.

The lack of support and resources leads to higher dropout rates for neurodiverse students. For example, at UCLA, 2021 stats show the graduation rate for neurodiverse students is 58% but 79% for students without disabilities. Neurodiverse college students are at a clear disadvantage when it comes to achieving success in higher education.

A Broomfield-based education startup wants to change that. They believe its responsibility is to level the playing field for neurodiverse individuals by molding and equipping them with the soft skills to make that contribution and live meaningful lives.

Untapped Learning is a comprehensive student-mentoring program that supports students with executive function challenges, such as ADHD and dyslexia. It manages programs such as ADHD Coaching for College Students remotely and from its facility, the Broomfield Center. The programs are designed to help students boost their confidence, advocate for themselves, and succeed.

The process begins with finding the right mentor to suit each student’s unique personality and learning style. Once paired, both the student and mentor will build weekly academic plans with the objective of finding a balance between school and social life while staying organized.

By pairing middle school, high school, and college students with young adult mentors and meeting weekly, students learn how to implement organization, planning, and self-advocacy into their academics and their lives outside of school. Often, these concepts are better received by young students when guided by trusted role models. It’s why Untapped Learning provides students with trusted adults to look up to—people who toe the line between authority figures and peers.

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These students don’t always learn executive skills in school, hence Untapped Learning focuses on fundamentals such as time management, organization, accountability, metacognition, routines, and study skills.

The Broomfield Center blends individual classrooms, a homework center, two gyms, and a full-scale movement zone under one roof, offering an immersive environment to develop its students academically and socially through its executive function skills coaching for ADHD program.

Untapped Learning is launching its Summer College Prep Program, which starts the week of July 17 through the week of August 7, 2023. The program embraces differences in learning styles, extracurricular interests, and academic experiences, supporting students in their personal and professional growth.

Touted as the ultimate college prep boot camp, students will work one-on-one with a trained mentor over four days. With eight hours of instruction in total, students will learn skills and strategies designed to help them thrive in college. The prep program also provides virtual options and will support students remotely.

As an incentive, the first 50 sign-ups will receive a free lululemon yoga mat and an Untapped Moleskine journal to help them as they learn the executive skills and tools needed to be successful in college.

Ultimately, Untapped Learning’s core mission is about providing equity for the neurodiverse, ensuring they are retained in schools and are guided to adopt a process of learning that suits their individual needs.

Untapped Learning facilitates open and genuine relationships between mentors and students, allowing mentors to effectively hold students accountable. It provides a supportive environment where students are consistently reminded of how capable and intelligent they are.

About Untapped Learning:

Founded in 2018 by Brandon Slade, Untapped Learning collaborates with the top universities, public schools, counseling associations, and support organizations in the United States to provide effective learning solutions to neurodiverse students.

ADHD almost cost Slade his college football career after his grades started to slip. In a moment of epiphany, he resolved to adjust his academic approach and rebounded, later becoming a teacher helping students with the same classroom challenges he faced. Learning from Slade’s experience, Untapped Learning pairs students facing learning challenges due to neurodiversity, such as ADHD, dyslexia, and autism, with mentors and provides them a supportive academic environment.

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