Author Norman Currey celebrates the growing popularity of his book ‘Airplane Stories and Histories’ with Bookside Press

May 02 09:42 2023
‘Airplane Stories and Histories’ explores 200 years of aviation history and highlights and touches on possibilities with new designs.

Aviation enthusiasts, history buffs and casual readers are all in for a treat! Chartered engineer and aviation expert Norman Currey presents his fun explorative book ‘Airplane Stories and Histories.’ For most people today, airplanes are just a means to get from one point to another. However, these majestic flying machines have a rich history that celebrates humankind’s vast strides in the last 200 years. 

‘Airplane Stories and Histories,’ is an information-packed book that gets readers hooked on the fascinating details of how this invention by the Wright Brothers has transformed the world. In 2022, ‘Airplane Stories and Histories,’ emerged as a finalist in Bookside Press’s Readers Favorite list. The book has been highly reviewed by readers who hang onto Currey’s every word on the fascinating world of airplanes.

Through vivid storytelling and an unmatched presentation of facts, Norman Currey takes readers on a journey through the fascinating evolution of aviation. From the first flight to possibilities presented by new technologies, Currey explores the contributions of pioneers in aviation. The book touches on prominent names like Sir George Cayley, the Wright Brothers, Wiley Post, Amelia Earheart, Charles Lindbergh, and more. Through detailed highlights of notable events and developments like the World War airplanes, the first Atlantic flights, the development of the jet engine, and more, the book provides a captivating and informative look into how the aviation industry got where it is today and where it is possibly headed.

In writing his book, Norman Currey took into account that his readers might not have a deep understanding of aviation. Therefore, he has simplified the book without compromising the accuracy of his accounts, presenting a book that is enjoyable for everyone, from aviation enthusiasts to people who are simply curious about the aviation industry. This thoroughly researched book has become a beloved non-fiction historical book in many people’s libraries.

Readers of ‘Airplane Stories and Histories’ have praised Norman Currey for presenting his rich knowledge and research into the history of aviation in such a fascinating way. On leading digital bookstores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Book Depository, the book continues to gain attention as more people take an interest in the exploits of aviation pioneers and the possibility of an electric-powered airplane in the future.

In a review by the Pacific Book Review in partnership with Bookside Press, ‘Airplane Stories and Histories,’ has been described as a much-needed book in aviation history as it corrects many misconceptions and provides photographs, sketches, and schematics of aircraft for easy understanding.

About author Norman Currey

Norman Currey is a chartered engineer and aviation expert whose history and experience in aviation traces back to the 1940s. He was born in 1926 in Yorkshire, England, and graduated as an aeronautical engineer in 1948. He worked as a stress engineer on the de Havilland Comet, and for 30 years, he worked at Lockheed, researching and developing the C-130 Jetstar, the C-5, and other special projects. Currey is also a fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society and, in his retirement, continues to share his passion for aviation through lectures, articles, and books.

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